June 4, 2019

Urban Hope Training Center Director and Dean/Discipler of the Studies in Urban Ministries

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This Ministry Position might be for you…

If you are interested in overseeing the training of 1500 adults and students each year to learn how to passionately share Jesus within their sphere of influence. The Urban Hope Training Center Philadelphia is designed to empassion and equip individuals to understand and experience evangelism in an urban setting. This results in the participants impacting individuals within their sphere of influence back home. If you are passionate about sharing Jesus with others and have the ability to coach and train others…keep reading!

Information about Urban Hope:

The Urban Hope Training Center is located in the Kensington area of Philadelphia and was founded in 1998. It exists to provide opportunities for teams of Christ-followers of all ages to be trained to effectively evangelize those within their sphere of influence when they return home. Our passion is for individuals and churches to catch a vision for Living ON MISSION meaning they “Passionately Follow and Share Jesus” so they not only impact the Philadelphia neighborhood but their home communities.

The Ideal Candidate:

He/she will have a strong passion to see Christ-followers be equipped to effectively evangelize the un-churched within their sphere of influence.  He/she will see evangelism as a process and have the ability to inspire and coach Christ-followers to make an impact within their sphere of influence. He/she will be driven by his/her love for Jesus to create a movement of Christ-followers who value the un-churched and prioritize their lives to reach them. He/she will enthusiastically further develop the Training Center and multiply its influence. It is preferred that he/she has a bachelors degree and at least 5 years of full-time ministry experience. However, if you have life experience that qualifies you, please strongly consider applying.

As the Training Center Director, you will ultimately create a movement of Christ-followers who will develop a passion for the lost to significantly impact the Church by: 

  1. Valuing lost people so much that they become a priority
  2. Identifying the opportunities for outreach in their sphere of influence
  3. Developing a strategy for reaching those people

As the Training Center Director, you will further develop a strategy for accomplishing this movement including:

  • Hosting the short-term teams and establish ongoing relationships with the key leaders of each team
  • Developing and delivering quality evangelism practice field training experiences including children’s, youth and homeless experiences for the short-term teams to participate while at Urban Hope
  • Training experiences will happen throughout Philadelphia and in the Kensington area of Philadelphia. This area is filled with many children and youth (Median age is 23).  Groups will learn how to share Christ through loving actions and words.  Because of the many children and youth in the neighborhood we have a great opportunity to minister to the young.  The director may utilize students he is discipling (SUM, ACTION Year, and interns) as well as resources at Urban Hope to work with planning or overseeing outreach events.
  • Developing and provide transferable evangelism training principles for the short-term teams to learn and use while at the Urban Hope Training Center
  • Providing on-going follow-up for each short-term team that comes to Urban Hope including insight into creating an ON MISSION movement within the church, para-church group, youth group, etc…

As the Dean/Discipler of the Studies in Urban Ministries Program, you will ultimately seek to raise up passionate leaders to serve in urban ministries…

  • Who live ON MISSION because they have a deep love for Jesus
  • Who have an insightful understanding of urban culture
  • Who have the necessary ministry and leadership skills to develop and lead various ministries which emphasize evangelism and discipleship in an urban environment

The SUM Program happens each Fall of the year and trains and educates students to evangelize and disciple in an urban environment.  As part of the SUM Program, the GAP Program (Action Year) continues to runs throughout the year to further develop and disciple students by participating in ministry experiences.

 As the Dean/Discipler of the Studies in Urban Ministries Program, you will accomplish this end goal by…

  • Overseeing the marketing of the program
  • Working with the professor and director of the program
  • Establishing and overseeing the budgeting
  • Planning ministry trips and experiences
  • Setting and enforcing guidelines for students while at Urban Hope
  • Serving as a liaison with Grace College and other participating colleges
  • Relationally connecting with the students
  • Discipling the students
  • Recruiting students for the program
  • Contacting colleges about the program
  • Connecting students to personal and career mentors

 Qualities needed: 

  1. Strong testimony and models living ON MISSION: “Passionately Following and Sharing Jesus”
  2. Burden for outreach and seeing others live ON MISSION
  3. Able to organize
  4. Enjoys teaching and training and explaining things to others (equipper) Sees himself as a coach/discipler
  5. Able to direct and lead people
  6. Good team builder
  7. Effective networker
  8. Patient
  9. Sees the value of ministry within an urban area
  10. Willing to be flexible with personal schedule as needed
  11. Passionate to train people to live lives of outreach and discipleship
  12. Understands outreach as a process
  13. Understands how culture affects outreach
  14. Relationship builder
  15. Able to write quality training materials and follow up materials
  16. Proven track record of guiding people in spiritual development
  17. Has intentional relationships with lost people within his/her sphere of influence
  18. Good at follow through
  19. Discerning
  20. Able to manage people and programs
  21. Understands the uniqueness of other cultures including urban
  22. Desires to see churches grow through Christ-followers effectively reaching the un-churched
  23. Willingness to work on raising financial support within three years


  1. Oversee and ongoing refinement of training
  • Standardize the message
  • Develop and refine training content and materials
  • Develop follow up strategies
  1. Development of ministry and evangelism experiences
  • Determine what will be most beneficial for each group to experience based upon the specific needs of the group
  • Oversee the ministry experiences of each group
  • Work with Urban Hope Community Church leaders as cutting-edge Children’s, Youth and Homeless ministries are developed, other churches, social organizations, homeless ministry organizations and the “Shall Never Thirst” Organization to develop ministry experiences
  1. Delivery of training
  • Implement effective procedures for managing teams for the greatest impact
    • Leadership of teams
    • Oversee the logistics of teams including…
      • Registration
      • Finances
      • Hospitality/parking, etc…
      • Transportation – encouraged to get your CDL license
      • Guest apartments
      • Develop new teams (college age, adult, pastor groups, etc)
      • Follow up
      • Regularly update the Training Center booklet
  1. Marketing and promotion of the training center
  • Develop marketing tools for the training center – brochures, web site, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, etc.
  • Actively promote the training center – travel, speaking, etc.
  • Assist the CE National staff in fundraising for the Urban Hope Training Center
  • Produce and send out the Urban Hope Training Center publication
  • Post pictures and write-ups for each team
  • Determine ways to attract new groups with the goal being 25% new groups each year
  1. Oversight of the training center staff
  • Training Center Registrar – part time
  • Training Center Logistics Manager – part time
  • Facility Maintenance Manager
    • Maintenance and cleaning of facilities
  1. Oversight of the Urban Hope Training Center’s Internship program
  • Develop and oversee the internship program including the development of an expectation sheet for each intern, training, accountability, logistics and ongoing evaluation of the program.
  • Develop a variety of internship opportunities (summer, 9 months, 1 year, etc)
  • Evaluate interns as well as gather their evaluations of their experience to continually improve the effectiveness of the program.

 Accountability: Will report directly to the CE National President


  • Salary would be based on experience.
  • Benefits include: health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, short-term disability insurance, life insurance as well as paid holidays, vacation and sick time. There is also an educational allowance available.

If you are interested…please send a cover letter introducing yourself and your resume to hr@cenational.org. We will respond quickly!

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