November 6, 2015

Urban Hope Brings Light to Halloween Night

Enjoying the Fall Festival

Enjoying the Fall Festival

Last Saturday night, on Halloween, the block around Urban Hope was lit up and filled with over 800 children and adults laughing and enjoying time together! This was Urban Hope’s 5th annual Fall Fest.

The event began five years ago to intentionally be a light for Christ in Urban Hope’s neighborhood on a very dark night. Halloween is the day the Santeria religion celebrates the dead. Santeria is a mix of Catholicism and witchcraft and is one of the most prevalent religions in the neighborhood.

But at Urban Hope that night, families enjoyed a fun, safe night playing carnival games, getting their faces painted, eating food, sipping hot chocolate, and jumping in bounce houses. Not only did many volunteers from the church help but students and leaders from the Operation Barnabas teams helped.

Urban Hope’s Salt & Light Children’s Discipleship group shared the gospel through a black light performance. Many families of these children aren’t following Jesus but they came out to watch their kids perform.

The following day at Urban Hope Community Church’s celebration, 10-12 new families came and some of those individuals made decisions to follow Christ. Please pray for these new believers as the Urban Hope staff is excited to follow up with them.