November 24, 2015

The Benefits of Bible Quizzing

Quizzing during national competition at Momentum Youth Conference

Quizzing during national competition at Momentum Youth Conference

Bible Quizzing a great way to get students studying and memorizing God’s Word in a fun way. For those students who have a bit of the competitive “gene” Bible Quizzing is a great outlet for those energies.

There are many benefits for those who participate in the Bible Quizzing program. First and foremost is the opportunity to memorize God’s Word. Bible quizzing is a fun way to learn the verses. Second is the teamwork involved to learn and compete together. Third is the fellowship of students as they spend time practicing and quizzing with other teams. Another important aspect of Bible Quizzing is the mentoring that takes place between the coach and the team. It is an awesome opportunity for a coach to pour into the lives of each quizzer in a personal and spiritual way.

There may be someone in your church, or maybe you, who wants to influence students in positive ways. Bible Quizzing gives you that opportunity.

If you are looking for something that will impact students for the rest of their lives, consider adding a Bible Quizzing program to your youth ministry. There are also Junior Bible Quizzing programs as well that cover less material.

For information on Bible quizzing for junior and senior high school students, please visit for the rules and information on getting a program started. If you have questions, please contact Lois at or call 574.267.6622.