November 28, 2018

Thank You for Helping Urban Hope Philadelphia

Urban Hope Thanksgiving Meals

Getting meals ready for Urban Hope Philadelphia

CE National and Urban Hope Philadelphia are especially grateful for the people who gave to support this year’s Urban Hope Thanksgiving meal outreach. Gifts given in honor of individuals were:

  • Harry and Peggy Longenecker honored by Lee and Melissa Seese
  • TK and Dana Kurtaneck honored by Peggy Owens
  • Virginia Unger honored by Don and Connie Gregory
  • Foote Grandchildren honored by Richard and Mary Foote

Michel Faulkner said about the outreach, “Someone once said that words are poor containers of meaning but they are all we have so we use them. The words “thank you” seem to fall short of expressing the deep and sincere gratitude that we have for your sponsorship of our Thanksgiving meal. Your generous contribution allowed us to share much more than just food. We were able to share dignity, hope, respect and most importantly the love of Jesus. Each of the three hundred families were greeted and invited to participate in our weekly worship experience. Not certain of how many will take us up on it but there were many new people.

“Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we seek to maximize on this opportunity, as we meet new folks and share the love of Jesus with them. As we say thank you, I’m reminded of a scripture verse from Proverbs 11:25, “A generous person will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” We pray that you and your family will enjoy the very best of God’s provisions during this season. We also pray that you would receive this thank you from a grateful Urban Hope community and the faithful God Creator of Heaven and Earth.”