May 11, 2018

Several Groups will Soon be Experiencing Urban Hope Philadelphia

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A group from Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana, will arrive at Urban Hope Philadelphia this week. The students are taking a module class in foundations in urban ministry. Along with Philadelphia, the class will spend time in New York City and other urban centers.

Arriving Saturday, May 12, Kingsway Christian School will be at Urban Hope all week with high school juniors participating in our ministries.

Next Friday, May 18, a group from Medina Christian Academy will visit with over 60 students.

Reports from others who have visited Urban Hope Philadelphia:

  • I was able to break the chain of not wanting to pray out loud. I prayed out loud with people this weekend.
  • This weekend impacted our students greatly! Anxious to see how God will fan this flame in their lives.
  • This experience has been so life changing for me. It has been just incredible!

If you want to learn more about bringing a group to Urban Hope, visit

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