Understanding the Doctrine of God, 4-Part Series

Part 1: “May the Force Be With You”

God Has Personality

Part 1 is geared to let students know that God is not a thing, a feeling, a force, or an invention of man’s mind. God is real and He has a personality; He is a Spirit. He can relate to man and man can relate to Him.

Part 2: God’s Unity/God’s Trinity

Part 2 will help students understand that we serve one God, not three. It will also aid in putting a proper perspective on the role of the Holy Spirit, the Son, and the Father.

Part 3: How Big Is Your God?

The Greatness of God

Part 3 teaches students about the God they worship by focusing on God’s greatness. This will give your students boldness and confidence because they will know just how capable and dependable our God really is.

Part 4: If God Is So Good, Why Is The World In Such A Mess?

The Goodness of God

Part 4 looks at how good God is. This lesson deals with the qualities that make God good and answers the question in the title.

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