Taking a Stand for Christ at School, 4-Part Series

This is a four-part series of discussions and activities that are designed to create a sensitivity toward a need that all Christians have, but don’t acknowledge, the need to verbalize our faith. It is also an attempt to demonstrate to students that witnessing should not be an extra-curricular activity. Rather it should be a lifestyle.

Included are basic challenges and awareness exercises that can help young people see the importance of practicing or doing the basics of their Christian faith.

It’s important that the students know they don’t need special experience or tools to be an obedient Christian at school.

Following you will find four sessions dealing with “Taking a Stand for Christ in A Public School.” They are titled:

Part 1

A Positive Message to Generally Negative People – Who are you in Christ Jesus?

Part 2

What Gives you the Right to Tell Your Friends About Their Wrongs? – Positive

Part 3

Peanut Butter and Jelly and Christ for Lunch? – Introducing Christ into Everyday

Part 4

Being Alone in a Crowded Hallway – When No One Else Will Stand for Christ

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