January 9, 2019

Prayer Partners Needed for CE National!

Prayer Partners needed for CE National

This Church Effectiveness ministry is dependent upon the prayer of its ministry partners. God works when His people pray! Are you a part of the CE National Prayer Team? If so, thank you for standing in the gap! If not, would you please join us today? We need you!

We are in need of:

Prayer Warriors: People who will pray every day for CE National and its host of ministries.

Prayer Partners: Those who will pray each week for CE National ministries.

We need your prayer for the Urban Hope Training Center, for our leaders, for The National Institute, for Momentum Youth Conference, for our staff, for our Board of Directors, for churches, and for much, much more.

Specific prayer requests will be emailed to you each week. To become a Prayer Partner or a Prayer Warrior, please contact Judy at churchrelations@cenational.org

Thanks you for going before the throne of grace on our behalf!

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