Knowing Jesus. Becoming like Jesus. Sharing Jesus. Helping others be like Jesus.

And He ( Jesus ) died for all that those who live should no longer live for THEMSELVES, but FOR HIM, who died for them and was raised again.  2 Corinthians 5: 15

If a person is to live FOR CHRIST it means honoring Jesus. No new hours to the schedule. No new programs to our routine. It means using our daily routines in such a way that it honors God and gives believers the opportunity to serve Him. We merely use our gifts, talents, jobs and families to honor HIM above all. That means that our speech and our lifestyles point to Jesus.

CE National is a Church Effectiveness organization that believes that God wants churches to be God-honoring and vibrant. Since CE is a catalyst to help churches we love church workers and want to help the pastors and leaders as they equip their people. All effective leaders want to see their people living ON MISSION. We are there to help! Believers who are warm, loving and attractive in dealings can also speak up for Jesus! People who live ON MISSION have conversations that honor God and they are respected by the world for living a standard that is beyond the norm. They are not ashamed of Jesus or His Word. They are the lights to a dark world.

Anything CE National does will help people in living an ON MISSION lifestyle. We help pastors with that message. We help children’s workers and youth workers and church leaders. Everything is geared to helping the church become what God wants it to be. We are not a replacement for any local church, but we love to supplement what the church is doing in helping them accomplish their goals. We are a catalyst. Since the goal is large we focus on these three groups:

  1. The rising generation. Churches must reach and impact the young. We need to adapt methods to reach the generations that are under us. Even as believers age they need to focus on the young.
  2. Neglected people. In any community there are those that are the overlooked. That could be the young, the handicapped, the poor or the aged. t could be the person behind bars or even the unborn. We must focus on the overlooked.
  3. Equipping biblical leadership. We help church leaders to equip their people to be leaders of others. Workers first. Then leaders. Equipping takes time and teamwork.

As an organization with many programs we use all those programs to point to these three objectives. As an organization with hundreds of free resources we want them also to point to these objectives. Since God wants all believers to live ON MISSION, the local church is the best place to train people for that exciting life. We are willing to be catalysts to encourage those churches to be effective!

–Ed Lewis, president