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  • February 10, 2017

    Dr. Bob Lehman Spoke at Wednesday’s Pastorpedia Live

    During the Wednesday, February 8, Pastorpedia Live, Dr. Lehman helped to clarify the underlying dynamics of guilt, provided a greater understanding of the role that the conscience plays, and suggested some effective Bible-based approaches to help believers who struggle with guilt. The next Pastorpedia Live is April 5, with Pastor Jeff Manion. Jeff isContinue reading →

  • February 5, 2017

    Get Off Facebook Dad! — The Culture Translator

    Middle-aged Americans (35 to 49 year olds) are now spending more time on social media (seven hours a week) than their children, with the fastest growing demographic on Facebook being Baby Boomers. I recently asked my daughter’s best friend what she was doing that evening and she responded, “nothing, just going home to watch myContinue reading →

  • February 4, 2017

    Day Away–North of 55 Coming to Grace Church in Ashland, Ohio

    Jeff Bogue, lead pastor at Grace Church in Akron, Ohio, will be the main speaker for the Day Away at Grace Church in Ashland, Ohio, on March 17. The theme for the day is Living Beyond with Pastor Jeff speaking twice. There will also be break-out sessions offered. Grace Church is located at 1144 WestContinue reading →

  • February 3, 2017

    Urban Hope Leaders Desire Church Families Become Givers

    The church leaders at the Urban Hope Training Center in Philadelphia desire that the church family be givers and not just receivers, expecting help from others. Please pray… that God transforms the church families view of work and money. that God will place it on the hearts of those who are currently working hard toContinue reading →

  • February 2, 2017

    ESPN Sports Highlights Jerod Cherry’s 2008 Momentum Youth Conference Decision to Donate One of His Super Bowl Rings

    This is awesome to see the impact Momentum Youth Conference 2008 had on Jerod Cherry as he donated his Super Bowl ring in response to God moving through the conference and staff. Through the National Youth Project Offering accompanied by money given from the ring, Momentum students were able to help build an orphanage inContinue reading →

  • January 30, 2017

    Now is the Time to Apply for Operation Barnabas

    Now is the Time… for high school students to apply for Operation Barnabas! The application deadline for this summer’s Operation Barnabas team is Tuesday, January 31! Operation Barnabas is for 10th – 12th grade students who want to: Experience God in a fresh way & grow in their walk with Christ Learn how to talkContinue reading →

  • January 29, 2017

    Pastorpedia Live – The Elephant in the Room: A Pastoral Approach to Congregant Guilt – Bob Lehman

    Working effectively with congregational guilt is a perplexing challenge for many local church ministries.  The unpredictable nature of guilt, along with its collateral effects on spirituality, personal relationships, and mental and emotional well-being, present a formidable challenge to any church leader.  Dr. Lehman will attempt to clarify the underlying dynamics of guilt, provide a greaterContinue reading →

  • January 29, 2017

    Momentum Youth Conference Registration Opens Feb. 1

    As registration for Momentum gears up to open next week, take a look at this guide on how to register. Many of you have registered for Momentum many times and some of you are registering your group for the first time this year. All of you are new to some additions to our registration thisContinue reading →

  • January 28, 2017

    Join the California Youth Ministry Round Table

    The Youth Ministry Round Table is an informal, regional sharing/teaching event to bring youth workers together to share ideas with each other and hear stories of how God is working in youth ministries. The event is February 2 at Norwalk Grace Brethren Church, 11005 Foster Rd, Norwalk, CA. It begins at 6:30 pm and willContinue reading →

  • January 28, 2017

    Discouragement in the Ministry – Pastorpedia

    Help for pastors experiencing discouragement

    Pastors Knute Larson, Jeff Bogue, and Jim Brown discuss how to deal with discouragement in church ministry. Knute explains: Pastoring is not all fun and games, for any of us. And for many, there are too many pains, if you ask me. While a few may be self-inflicted, many are caused by the selfishness orContinue reading →

  • January 27, 2017

    Urban Hope’s Word on the Street Newsletter

    Community Sunday and Youth Sunday were both highlighted in Urban Hope’s email newsletter, Word on the Street. See pictures, read the articles, and watch a highlight video of Youth Sunday here…

  • January 23, 2017

    Register for Heritage – CE National’s One-day Event Featuring Cal Thomas

    CE National has invited Cal Thomas, award winning journalist and knowledgeable on current events from a biblical world-view, to speak at Heritage. Heritage is a one-day event taking place at the Shady Maple Smörgåsbord in East Earl, Pennsylvania, on April 28. Heritage is open to all ages. Church leadership is especially encouraged to come andContinue reading →

  • January 22, 2017

    Meet Mischelle Murillo — Momentum Youth Conference Intern

    With summer right around the corner and registration opening February 1, we are keeping busy in the Momentum Youth Conference office. We’re planning for a GREAT week at Indiana Wesleyan University, July 18-23. We’ve recently hired our intern, Mischelle Murillo, who will be working with us on various aspects of Momentum now through August. WeContinue reading →

  • January 22, 2017

    Now is the Time to Apply for Operation Barnabas

    Now is the Time… for high school students to apply for Operation Barnabas! The application deadline for this summer’s Operation Barnabas team is Tuesday, January 31! Operation Barnabas is for 10th – 12th grade students who want to: Experience God in a fresh way & grow in their walk with Christ Learn how to talkContinue reading →

  • January 20, 2017

    Urban Hope Helps to Re-open a Public School Library

    Kingdom Kids is Urban Hope Training Center’s outreach to children. Most of the kids who attend Kingdom Kids go to school at William Cramp Elementary. Over the years, Urban Hope staff have worked hard to have a positive presence in the school. Members of the Urban Hope staff met several times with Mrs. Deanda Logan,Continue reading →

  • January 16, 2017

    Operation Barnabas 2017 Tours Planned for Eastern and Central U.S.

    Operation Barnabas teams are coming together now with a number of interesting and exciting ministry stops planned for the summer of 2017! In 2016, Operation Barnabas was retooled, revamped, and reinvigorated. Orientation was streamlined, our tour length adjusted to three weeks, and an intentional curriculum on character development was emphasized. Our students and leaders embracedContinue reading →

  • January 16, 2017

    Books for the New Year from the CE National Lending Library

    How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth: A book by Gordon D. Fee This book helps readers of all kinds get the most out of their Bible-reading experience. Changes to the new fourth edition include: updated language, new preface, redesigned and updated diagrams, an updated list of recommended commentaries and resources, and more.Continue reading →

  • January 15, 2017

    Relive Momentum 2016 With Momentum “Rewind”

    It’s almost time to register for Momentum Youth Conference 2017! We’re looking forward to an amazing week at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, July 18-23. Can’t wait until July to relive the momentum? Take a look back at last year’s sessions and tracks and access discussion guides to “rewind” the week of Momentum 2016.Continue reading →

  • January 14, 2017

    OnTrack Devotions-A Great Way To Study the Bible

    Pilgrimage Educational Resources has partnered with CE National to promote OnTrack Devotions. OTD is a daily devotional tool available in booklet format designed to build the skill and discipline of effective daily Bible Study. Each month includes both prayer list and commitment pages designed to add context to personal Bible study and to facilitate smallContinue reading →