November 29, 2015

New Resources in the CE National Lending Library

2015_nov_27_libraryCatalyst One Day Leadership Essentials
A DVD by Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel

What are the essentials of leadership? What are those building blocks that enable the greatest growth, expansion of influence, and create the spark to move a vision forward?
In this 4 DVD set, Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel share their experiences in leading highly effective ministries and point us to those essentials on which to build our leadership.

Manhood Restored: How the gospel makes men whole
A book by Eric Mason

The earthly crisis within manhood will remain until Jesus returns, but in Christ a man is pointed toward the gospel as the vision for renewal. Manhood Restored, by exciting new pastoral voice Eric Mason, combines theological depth with practical insight, putting men in step with a gospel-centered manhood that will enrich every facet of their lives.

God is Really, Really Real
A book for kids by Jeff Davenport

Guide your children in establishing a foundation of biblical truth, helping them understand what God has in store for them from His Word! You will help plant biblical truth into the minds of your children, while prayerfully waiting for the day God reveals it to their hearts!

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