July 26, 2018

Momentum Youth Conference 2018 – RESOLVED

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A main session at Momentum Youth Conference 2018

A main session at Momentum Youth Conference 2018

Momentum 2018 wrapped up last week. Students from around 100 churches, from California to Florida, traveled to Marion, Indiana, where the conference was held.

Momentum was an incredible time of students and leaders being challenged to be RESOLVED, the 2018 theme.

Greg Stier spoke for opening session, introducing the theme and sharing in depth about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Greg gave an invitation for students to accept salvation for the first time and we saw new people join the body of Christ. Wednesday morning, Clayton and Sharie King shared about being resolved in purity as God would design relationships and marriage.



Wednesday night Kondo Simfukwe continued to develop the theme for students as he shared on the theme verse from Isaiah 50:7. Kondo also focused on the life of Joseph in the Bible as he was resolved to follow God in any situation he was placed in and to “prosper the prison.”



Thursday morning, in lieu of a main session, the conference offered two Power Tracks options for the attendees to choose from. Tracks gave students a chance for in-depth learning about culturally relevant topics from a biblical worldview perspective from multiple speakers. Power Tracks were also hosted on Wednesday and Friday morning with 13 tracks to choose from. Momentum also focused on training youth workers in youth worker labs with speakers like Greg Stier, Jonathan McKee, Ed Lewis, Greg Foote, Steve Kozak, EJ Swanson, Rich Brown, Timothy Kurtaneck, and Bruce Barlow.

Thursday evening, nationally known speaker, Louie Giglio joined the conference to speak in the evening session on the value of Scripture for believers. He emphasized that Scripture is the breath of God and as God’s children, we must be resolved to read it as our very breath of life.



Friday morning, Momentum hosted C.L. “Shep” Shepherd who shared his very impactful testimony about growing up with nothing material and no relationship with his father. The audience was “wowed” by how God worked in Shep’s life and his resolve to know his Heavenly Father and reach out to others by being ON MISSION.

Friday evening Keith Minier spoke on Christian principles like prayer and devotions and as always, impacted the audience to be resolved to be with Jesus and know Him more.



Saturday evening Jeff Bogue wrapped up the week by challenging the audience in multiple ways. First he called for anyone who still felt called to make a first time decision for Christ, to make it public if they hadn’t already. Without background music or cheering, emphasizing the intent for the decision to be made out of conscious thought and not emotions in the moment, Jeff asked for people to come forward who wanted to accept salvation. Next he asked anyone to stand who needed to give up a specific sin that they could put a name to. Lastly, he asked anyone who felt called to full-time vocational ministry to come onto the stage.  The session was incredibly impactful and the attendees were very responsive. The night ended with a wonderful time of worship with the Jordan Howerton Band (who led all week) celebrating the person of Jesus and what He did in the lives of students and leaders alike the whole week.
Students had a great time participating in afternoon events on campus like art classes, water kickball, a foam slip and slide, color war dodgeball with colored powder, ice cream sundaes, and sports tournaments among other free time options.



Each afternoon, groups went off campus for ministry in the neighboring areas.  Opportunities included taking down structures, painting, serving victims of recent storms that caused damage to homes, cleaning up in Marion, helping families move, blitzing neighborhoods, street evangelism, interacting with people in a mall, going to nursing homes, hosting car washes, and much more. ON MISSION activities were hands-on to help students interact with people and students were trained and putting into practice sharing their faith.

The Momentum and CE National staff is rejoicing in how God used the conference to impact the lives of students and youth workers. We are now busy planning for Momentum 2019 which will be at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, July 16-21. Registration will open February 1, 2019. More information coming soon at buildmomentum.org.

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