Let’s Fill in the Moats Around our Church Buildings!

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They often grow wider over time, and we get more separated from the people and needs right around our location. We have church fellowship schedules that fill our weeks which become months and then years.

Let’s build bridges to our neighbors and to local needs, honoring missions that are local as well as global. Our Lord would like that.

So this month’s Pastorpedia, introduced on video, is about our community love.

We hope you’ll benefit from the October  issue of Pastorpedia.

Knute for Jim and Jeff

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Knute, for Jeff and Jim

Pastorpedia is produced monthly by three experienced pastors: Jeff Bogue, of Grace Church, in several locations in the Bath-Norton-Medina areas of Ohio; Jim Brown, of Grace Community Church in Goshen, Indiana, a church known for its strong growth, family and men’s ministries, and community response teams; and Knute Larson, a coach of pastors, who previously led The Chapel in Akron for 26 years. Pastorpedia is brought to you by CE National.

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