Ministry Coaching & Consulting

One on one support to help your ministry thrive

With the ministry demands of leading within your own ministry, it can be difficult to grasp a complete picture of the playing field. What if an outside perspective had the power to launch your ministry into a more thriving atmosphere instead of a surviving one?

At CE National, we have a strong desire to come alongside you and your ministry by offering coaching and consulting to help achieve the goals and objectives of your ministry. This is accomplished through two key areas that CE National provides: Initial Consulting and On-Going Coaching.


Consulting consists of a partnership in which our coaches enter into a relationship with you for a specific period of time. This may last for one session or many within a defined context. Our consultation process will enable you to gain a realistic view of how effectively your ministry is functioning. You will then be led through a process to discern what God desires to do in your ministry. Consulting culminates with a fully developed plan with strategic steps designed to see your ministry become what God desires it to be. This growth strategy often lasts from a time period between three and 18 months.

On-going Coaching

While developing a strategic plan for your ministry is vital for the ongoing growth and health of your ministry, most of us need a coach to help navigate the course for the long run. On-going coaching will provide the insight necessary to take the plan from paper to reality, from success to success—all while equipping ministry leaders to develop and grow even amidst challenging set-backs or road blocks that are often faced in ministry.

What does Consulting or Coaching look like?

Both Initial Consulting and On-Going Coaching begin identically: with an intake session. This “no commitment” sixty minute intake meeting is designed for the coach and ministry leader to get to know each other. The objective of this intake time is to discover areas of growth, and to formulate how CE National’s Coaching and Consulting can benefit your ministry. During this meeting, the decision for Consultation or Coaching will be made and the projected partnership will be discussed.

How is Consultation or Coaching facilitated?

Both Coaching and Consulting are video chats between our coaches and the ministry leader. Sessions usually last approximately 60-90 minutes. Sessions are held monthly, with suggested ministry implementation assignments between meetings.

Who are the coaches?

edshortEd Short serves as the primary Ministry /consultant and Coach for CE National. Ed is currently pastoring and has pastored five previous ministries. He is trained in developing strategies for church growth and vitality through the Sonlife Ministry philosophy. He has previously served as an Advanced Trainer for Son Life Ministries. He has seen churches grow through a prayerful plan of Reaching lost individuals, Teaching Christ-followers to understand Who Christ is and what He wants to do in and through their lives, Coaching Christ-followers to effectively minister and reach out to lost individuals and Developing Leaders to oversee and expand the ministry. 

Contact Ed Short at for more information.

What is the Cost?

The initial level of CE National’s Coaching and Consulting is our gift to you and your church free of charge.  The cost of our deeper levels of Ministry Consulting and Coaching are partly covered through individuals and churches who financially support this ministry in an effort to provide this service at an inexpensive rate. We ask the ministries receiving this valuable insight to help cover the rest of the cost based upon the level of consulting given.

Would you like to help support Ed’s ministry?


“Wrestling was always important to me but it wasn’t until I came across a man who coached multiple state champions that my life changed. He voraciously stressed technique, drills, and conditioning. Then we worked through the results.  Ed Short is that same type of coach for ministry.  In an era of everyone getting a ribbon for just showing up, Ed drills, develops technique, and measurable results for the goal of making disciples who in turn make disciples.   He has changed my ministry life.  Thanks Coach Ed !”
Todd McQueen

“Coaching has helped me to see the Big Picture in our ministry. It is tempting to get wrapped up in the urgent daily tasks that surround me. The coaching I have received has encouraged me to remember where we are going as a ministry, as well as to lay a foundation to get there successfully while not becoming distracted with the immediate. This has been an invaluable encouragement.” Matt Simon: Youth Pastor – Western Reserve Grace, Macedonia, Ohio

“It has been truly encouraging spending time with Ed. Talking through big picture stuff is rare let alone in a manner that isn’t threatening or with a preset answer. The open dialogue has been great and has led to some in depth conversation.” Jeremiah Kleylein: Youth Pastor – Grace Church, Lititz, PA

“Okay, Pray, read the Bible and do the best I can. But there is more. About a year ago we were asking ourselves, ‘who can help a church in a place like ours? We need to make adjustments to be an effective and healthy church. Our church has been through a lot. We are ready to move forward.’ Ed Short is doing what I was looking for. He helps me ask the right questions. We are making adjustments, putting together a plan and trusting God for great things at Cornerstone. I am thankful for a sounding board, a coach, and a consultant who is available to help me lead effectively. CE National is offering this service at no cost to the church.” Mike Richards: Lead Pastor – Cornerstone Community Church, Hagerstown, MD