Exercising My Faith

Are you North of 55 with a genuine heart for God? If you want to exercise your faith in any of these areas, please let CE National know by sending an email to cenational@cenational.org.

1. Pray
Pray regularly and fervently.
Ideas: Create a prayer list; pray regularly and consistently.

2. Minister inside the church
Be one who serves other believers, whether regularly or occasionally.
Ideas: Always greet several people and be a positive, friendly person.

3. Minister outside the church
Focus on lost people and be salt and light to the world.
Ideas: Focus on a lost person, whether that’s a neighbor, relative, or friend, and do God-talk in the community.

4. Think legacy
Consider your impact on those who will follow you.
Ideas: Do a legacy book or tape of your life/testimony. Write a letter of blessing to someone or give mementos as gifts.

5. Focus on the young
Help someone grow in Christ.
Ideas: Invite them for coffee and ask how you can pray for them, offering to be a prayer partner.