Bible Quizzing

Bible Quizzing is no longer offered by CE National.

Bible quizzing is a team competition that has individual benefits from studying God’s Word. Each year (running from September to July) different portions of Scripture are selected to study. Questions are created on the scripture portion and students compete to finish the question, answer it correctly, and win points individually and for their team. Quizzes are usually 20 questions in length.

Bible quiz teams are comprised of five to seven students. Five members quiz at one time against another team with up to two substitutes per team. The current scripture portions are from the 2011 ESV (English Standard Version) Bible. Pastor Doug Courter will have district tournament questions available at Momentum. Practice questions for individual teams may be available September 1.  Please check back. We will also make the information available in our CE News Online newsletter as soon as the information is available.

See the link below to download the current Bible Quiz Rules and Procedures.  We welcome any quiz teams to join in quizzing over the scripture we have chosen in a given year.

*Bible quizzing organizations may differ when it comes to rules, so if you quiz outside of the Charis Fellowship of Churches you will want to check to see what they are studying, what version they use and what their rules and guidelines are as well as any additional requirements they may have.

All scripture is taken from the 2011 ESV (English Standard Version) Bible.

The Bible Quiz Committee has come up with a seven-year cycle for Bible Quizzing in the Charis Fellowship of Churches.

Quizzing resources available through CE National include:

Scripture portions for each quizzing year. Each Scripture portion includes the English Standard Version of the passages and the “Finish This…”, “Quote…” questions for the given year.

Download the Scripture Portions for 2016-17.

Included in the Bible Quizzing Rules and Procedure information are instructions for how to put a team together, keeping the team motivated, rules, and more.

Bible Quizzing Rules and Procedures

Score Sheet

District questions can be purchased for $55 per set.  Contact Karen Burger at

Quiz seats can be purchased from Quiz Time Systems out of Benton Harbor, Michigan. Visit for more information. (Note that you do not need quiz seats to practice quizzing with your local team–They are highly recommended if you are in an official quiz against another team.)