October 9, 2018

“Just Keep Moving” – by Rev. Michel Faulkner

Rev. Michel Faulkner

Rev. Michel Faulkner

One of the greatest and most difficult events of my life happened five years ago. I completed my fourth marathon: the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington D.C.

The finish was the most difficult of my marathons. The last 1/2 mile was uphill and the final 200 yards were very steep.

The day began well. I slowed down during the first half of the marathon as I had planned. During the second half, I accelerated and continued to speed up until mile 25. Then I hit the wall! My legs began to hurt and my mind declared war on my body. I knew I was close to my time so I kept moving–but I was hurting. When I saw the steep hill for the finish line, I became discouraged and wanted to quit, but I knew how close I was so I kept moving.

God blessed my run and all my training by allowing me to break the five hour mark. A personal best.

How many times have we all been there with projects or goals that we have set and given up, right at the end. Oh, I did not mention that I was supposed to run this marathon the year before but quit because I was burnt-out on running. God brought me back from being a defeated, failed runner to an overcomer.

Please understand that I am not taking any glory for this because if God had not carried me, I would not have even entered this race. I trained hard and it was still one of the most difficult moments of my life.

Paul’s words from scripture and this story are for you today. I know you may feel like quitting. You may be at the end of your rope. Please know that God is cheering you on, He is saying, “I got you. Don’t quit. Just keep moving.” Find the will right now to keep believing in God’s strength.


Rev. Michel Faulkner
Executive Vice President of CE National

Rev. Faulkner oversees the staff and vision of the urban initiatives of CE National including the Urban Hope Training Centers, Urban Hope Community Church, as well as the Studies in Urban Ministry (SUM) program.

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