April 11, 2017

Junior Bible Quizzing Encourages Kids to Study the Bible

Junior Bible Quizzing is for kids grades 3-6 who want to study and memorize the Bible.  The North East Ohio District has a four-year cycle of material including books like: John, Acts, Philippians, Ephesians, Ruth, Jonah, Isaiah 53 and Psalm 51.  Junior quizzers study a portion of Scripture (around 100 verses) with 25 memory verses to compete in four Rallies every 6-8 weeks over the school year.  The North East Ohio District currently has 12 teams involved in the program.  A team is made up of 3-7 kids from a church.  For more information about Junior Bible Quizzing, check out the Facebook page or contact Christy Kear at ckear@graceohio.org.