May 12, 2018

Farewell and Thanks to Noah Hicks

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Noah Hicks

In every organization, there are individuals who take on roles that are vitally important but may not be seen very much by the community at large. For the past year, Noah Hicks has been one of those important team members at CE National, filling the role of data entry.

Noah is a college student at Grace College majoring in business (accounting) and has one more semester to complete before graduating with both an undergraduate degree as well as a MBA. Noah concluded his work at CE National last week to begin a required summer internship in accounting at a large firm in Michigan.

Timothy Kurtaneck shared about Noah, “It has been so good to have Noah serve with us. He is a fine young man who loves Jesus and has such a positive spirit. He loves to serve and desires to see Christ exalted, both in his life as well as in the lives of others. We appreciate the work Noah has been doing that is behind the scenes but very important. We are grateful for his good work and wish him God’s best in the future.”

Thanks, Noah, for being such a great help!

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