Equipping Biblical Leadership

We want to help you!

CE National exists to partner with churches, coming alongside to equip, encourage, and refresh. We know that ministry is often difficult and draining. Our aim is to come alongside you and your ministry to effectively reach people in your community with the Gospel. Next, we seek to aid you in teaching them to daily live like Jesus.

How can we help? With key areas of expertise in:

  • Resources
  • Training
  • Coaching and Consulting
  • Leadership Development

Resources: CE National’s storehouse of resource materials offers Pastors, Youth Workers, Children’s Directors, and Ministry Leaders a variety of tools including podcasts, articles, downloadable materials and more.

Training: We offer several training events throughout the year, equipping leaders to excel. We also want to help you to see yourself as a coach urging his players to get on the field of ministry opportunities.

Coaching and Consulting: Every leader needs direction, vision, and guidance to take their goals to the next level. Our Consulting staff offers perspective and outside guidance to provide tools and encouragement to go to the next step. We believe in you and your team and seek to serve your ministry. Therefore, there is no charge for coaching and consulting.

Leadership Development: Additionally, we want to encourage you in the area of developing leaders. To further this aim we have launched solid resources such as Pastorpedia and On Mission Insights.

No matter what form of equipping and encouragement we can provide, we simply want to help you to have a highly effective ministry.