May 15, 2017

“Ed Short Tackles the ‘How.'” – Todd McQueen Shares About The Coaching Clinic

Ed Short, CE National consultant to churches and pastors, will be leading another coaching clinic for pastors and church staff on May 22-24, at the Urban Hope Training Center in Philadelphia, Pa. (210 East Tioga St., Philadelphia, PA)

“We have designed The Coaching Clinic to help you see ministry as a team sport,” says Ed Short. “As a pastor who loves football, I have come to believe that if we are to effectively lead our churches we will need to develop the mindset of a coach. Most of us are not superstars and fortunately for us, that plays to our advantage in coaching those within our influence to own and carry out the ministry.”

Todd McQueen, vision pastor at Grace Church of Ocala, Florida, talks about his experience at the Coaching Clinic:

“For many the steps toward ministry included the acquisition of knowledge, passing exams, memorizing paradigms, and turning in papers. When fully immersed in the daily lives of people, we often struggle to bridge the gap between knowledge and application, Bible literacy and following Jesus, or being a disciple who matures into one who makes disciples. We know the “what” but often lack a clear plan for the “how.” Ed Short tackles the “how” in Matthew 28:18-20. He walks alongside ministry leaders in developing a game plan toward the goal of making disciples who in turn make disciples. In fact, it really isn’t about the person Ed trains, but who will be trained after them.”

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