June 10, 2018

Dr. Daniel Green Spoke at Wednesday’s Pastorpedia Live

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Dr. Green makes a point during Wednesday’s Pastorpedia Live

Dr. Daniel Green, Moody Theological Seminary, spoke during Wednesday’s Pastorpedia Live on the topic of personal ethics for pastors.


The next Pastorpedia Live will be September 19. Knute Larson will host this special Pastorpedia Live with Jim Brown and Jeff Bogue.

During this Pastorpedia Live, these four topics will be filmed with 50 minutes of Q and A between topics.

  • Other churches and ministries
    How close do we get and when? When is distance a fault?
  • Confusion about groups
    What is community? What is discipleship? Who created the confusion?
  • Making changes in the church
    Why do people hate changes and surprises? What is the art of change?
  • Health of the pastor
    Who cares? Why? What should a plan look like?

Knute, Jim, and Jeff are the three experienced pastors who film CE National’s Pastorpedia each month. Pastorpedia is a video publication that helps pastors and church leaders in their ministry. Visit www.cenational.org/pastorpedia to find out more.

Visit the Pastorpedia Live registration page for details and to register.

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