Coaching Clinic for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

See ministry as a team sport

The Coaching Clinic is for pastors and ministry leaders.

The dates are May 22-24. The first session starts at 10 a.m., May 22. The Coaching Clinic will wrap up at noon on May 24. The location is the Urban Hope Training Center in Philadelphia (210 East Tioga St., Philadelphia, PA). Early arrivals (May 21) can stay at Urban Hope’s Balmer Building for no additional charge.

Ed Short. clinic trainer and a director for CE National in the areas of coaching and consulting, is a full-time pastor who enjoys helping pastors, youth workers, church boards and churches in transition. Ed has a heart for the local church and wants to see churches be healthy and growing. Assisting churches in developing strong goals and strategies that will help them now and in the future is what Ed loves to do.

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Ed Short, clinic trainer, talks about the event.

As a pastor who loves football, I have come to believe that if we are to effectively lead our churches we will need to develop the mindset of a coach. Most of us are not superstars and fortunately for us, that plays to our advantage in coaching those within our ministries to own and carry out the ministry.

We have designed The Coaching Clinic to help you see ministry as a team sport. The cost is very reasonable and the benefits of attending will be extremely high. I get so many invites to various seminars and conferences that it is difficult to determine what is worthy of my time and financial investment. So here is an overview of The Coaching Clinic.

During our time together we will think through the following themes:

  • Defining the win
  • Designing the game plan
  • The art of effective coaching
  • Recruiting and developing the right players
  • Developing a training camp mindset
  • Halftime: The difference between winning and losing

You will walk away with a playbook for the next nine months of impactful ministry!

The cost is only $130 which includes:

  • 7 interactive sessions led by Ed Short, CE National’s Ministry Coach and Consultant
  • 3 breakfasts
  • 2 dinners
  • 2 or 3 nights accommodations in Urban Hope’s new Balmer Building (You can arrive Sunday night if you wish)
  • 2 life on life ministry experiences in Philly
  • Great fellowship with other ministry leaders
  • An opportunity to spend some time in downtown Philadelphia
  • Coaching insights form other ministry leaders

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“The Coaching Clinic, led by Ed Short, was a great source of introspection, evaluation and re-tooling for our pastoral staff.  The information may not be revolutionary or unique but it IS eye-opening if you can get past the “monuments” or “entrenched program” idea and willingly think these principles through in a biblical and practical perspective.  Ed is engaging, authentic and very experienced in pastoral ministry. He is an excellent individual coach and allows for much discussion among peers to come to transformational results both personally and corporately.”
Pastor Greg Serafino, Osceola, Indiana

“The Coaches Clinic led by Ed Short was an incredible seminar where I was challenged to see ministry in a new way. I realized my role as a shepherd should look like that of a coach for a team sport. I was encouraged to design and implement a 4-part game plan for reaching the lost, teaching Christ-followers, coaching ministry, and developing leaders. My goal should be to develop strong, usable players for different positions and aspects in the game. A player should be active and effective in segment and sphere ministry, with 90% of their effort going toward the latter. This is accomplished through identifying potential players, building relationship, player assessment, imparting ministry skills, influencing passion, implementing practical actions, establishing accountability, and evaluating progress. I was challenged to identify 1% improvement goals and develop an action plan to see change in the next 3 months.”
Pastor Christian McCallister, Pennsylvania

Ed Short Coaching and Consulting pastors

Ed Short

Ed Short will be leading the clinic.  Ed serves as the primary ministry consultant and coach for CE National. Ed is currently pastoring and has pastored five previous ministries. He is trained in developing strategies for church growth and vitality through the Sonlife Ministry philosophy. Ed has previously served as an advanced trainer for SonLife Ministries. He has seen churches grow through a prayerful plan of reaching lost individuals, teaching Christ-followers to understand who Christ is and what He wants to do in and through their lives, coaching Christ-followers to effectively minister and reach out to lost individuals and developing leaders to oversee and expand the ministry. Visit to find out more.

Contact Lois at or call the CE National office at 574.267.6622 with questions.