November 22, 2015

CE National Fall Board Meetings Held in Philadelphia


The CE National Board of Directors and Executive Staff Front row: Jason Holt (executive staff), Steve Peters, Jon Rauch, Timothy Lansing, Joel Hawthorne, Ed Lewis (executive director), Brad Deetscreek. Top row: Ed Short (executive staff), Jesse DeBoest (executive staff), Dave Smith, Dave Knepper, Donna Yost, Shannon Hollinger, Timothy Kurtaneck (executive staff)

Many thanks to all who prayed for the Fall CE National board meetings that were held at the Urban Hope Training Center this past weekend, November 13-14. There was a great spirit amongst the Board of Directors and it was a profitable time hearing reports, evaluating current ministries, and planning for the future. Highlights of the weekend included:

  • A dinner where the members was able to spend time with and hear testimonies from the Urban Hope Training Center team
  • A visit to Mifflin Park, a ministry site in south Philly
  • Real Philly cheesesteaks!
  • A visit to Grace House in Harrisburg
  • The dedication of the Balmer Building
  • A dinner honoring Steve and Sue Peters for Steve’s service as a CE National Board Member for 27 years.

Elected as executive board members, the new president is Jon Rauch (Goshen, Ind.), vice president is Dave Knepper (York, Pa.), secretary is Brad Deetscreek (Akron, Ohio) and member-at-large is Donna Yost (Wooster, Ohio).

We are grateful for the investment of time and energy of the entire Board of Directors who pray, support, encourage, and give direction to this Church Effectiveness ministry!