• 5 Pins, a 5-part philosophy of teaching

    How one church breaks down their teaching methods.

  • Nine Elements of an Effective Youth Group

    CE National is encouraging churches to adopt these principles of effective youth group ministry. Relationships to Each Other: Developing an atmosphere of love Developing a healthy group image Implementing an effective contacting ministry Producing an effective discipleship ministry Establishing regular outreach events Developing effective networking with other youth ministries Relationships to God: Establishing a prayerContinue reading →

  • What Young Leaders Want–by Bob Hetzler

    I came across an article written by Gary McIntosh of Biola University about what young adults want in leadership. I thought this was very insightful and thought provoking for those who work with young leaders whether in a church, school, or Christian organization. Here is what Dr. McIntosh wrote: Young leaders want… a relationship honestContinue reading →

  • Teaching the Bible to Emerging Adults–by Bob Hetzler

    I wrote an article about key essentials in starting a college ministry, and one of those keys was teaching the Word of God. As I talk to more college pastors and hear how they teach their students, I want to share a little more on this topic. Here’s what they said: Book Studies. Most ofContinue reading →

  • Understanding the YouTube Generation–by Bob Hetzler

    In the year 2000, the largest American generation of high school students graduated. In the next twenty years over 70 million of them will enter into colleges, tech schools, the work force, or other areas in our society. Some have dubbed this group the New Greatest Generation because of their potential to reach similar heightsContinue reading →

  • Finishing the Race

    In the Christian walk, it is easy to compare ourselves to others. Students need to see the joys and rewards of a faithful walk with God that lasts over the long haul; and not to be discouraged or frustrated when they fall or see others “ahead” of them spiritually. Get the Download (PDF).

  • Bowling At 3:00 AM? It Must Be a Youth All-Nighter.

    Looking for suggested all-nighter activities? The Northern California District of Grace Brethren Churches has had much experience with not only entertaining students all night, but weaving in worship and a presentation of the gospel as well. The events change each time, but Michael Saldivar, youth pastor of the Grace Brethren Church in La Loma, Calif.,Continue reading →

  • Good Curriculum for Student Sunday School

    Good curriculum is important to make Sunday morning the best possible learning experience for students. Pastor Ken Matteson of the Waterloo, Iowa Grace Brethren Church, explains how he chooses curriculum. Before choosing a source, evaluate what you want to accomplish through the class, as well as the needs and make-up of the class in theirContinue reading →

  • Screening Youth Workers

    When it comes to getting new youth staff on board working with your students the very first thing that I believe needs to happen, is to pray, pray and pray some more. These individuals are an important key to your youth ministry. They have the potential to further the ministry of your students or toContinue reading →

  • Communicating to a Group of Students

    When it comes to communicating to students, do you ever feel like you are speaking a whole different language? This is not something that is at all foreign to doing youth ministry or sharing with students. Here are just a few ideas to communicate with students in a group setting. These are ideas that haveContinue reading →

  • Integrating Students with Adults

    A key issue for the church is to recognize that teens are not the church of tomorrow but the church of today. With their willingness, passion and commitment to serve we must create opportunities for our teens to be integrated into the general church setting. A few suggestions: Use teens in the main church servicesContinue reading →

  • Counseling Resources for Students

    At the risk of sounding over-simplistic I would say that there are four general resources that I use in counseling teens. First is God’s Word–This is not meant to be a pat Christian answer, rather it is based on the fact that God’s word does indeed speak (either directly or in principle) to every issueContinue reading →

  • Good Discipleship

    Discipling students is absolutely essential to effective youth ministry. Barry St. Clair’s material on this subject is powerful, biblical and practical. Go to www.reach-out.org for more information and resources regarding this important subject.

  • 1 x 1 x 1 = 1

    This study will help students understand that we serve one God, not three. It will also aid in putting a proper perspective on the role of the Holy Spirit, the Son, and the Father. Download the Study