• Vocations of Value Brochure

    Here’s a helpful tool for anyone interested in vocational ministry: the Vocations Of Value brochure.

  • One Hour. One Book.

    Dr. Randy Smith has been a long-time ministry partner with CE National.  Some will remember him best for speaking at Momentum Youth Conference.  Some may have been on a tour of the Holy Land with him.  Others may best know him from being the main teacher of the Great Commission Bible Institute in Sebring, Florida,Continue reading →

  • Changing Gears

    Rod Peebles talks about remaining in ministry throughout life.

  • Keep Older Adults in the Church

    Have you ever noticed how hard it is for many older believers to adjust to the changes in our churches today?

  • All Outreach Events Are Not The Same

    Ed Lews talks about the difference between cultivating, planting, and reaping events.

  • 11 Keys to Keep Your Church Volunteer Children’s Staff

    By Steve Koontz Keeping volunteer children’s staff around for more than a year can be difficult. The demands of working with children can be huge, but given good leadership, it is possible to have less turn-over. Here are 11 keys to keep children’s staff happy in their roles. Assign an experienced teacher to mentor newContinue reading →

  • What Are 20-Somethings Looking For In Church?

    Some of the answers might surprise you. According to Jeff Baxter, a next generation pastor at Pathway Community Church (Ft. Wayne, IN), young people are wanting: To participate in a “gathering” experience. They’re not looking for rows of chairs and a few people leading a service from up front. Instead, they want tables or couchesContinue reading →

  • Baby Dedications Made Special and Practical

    Quick suggestions for making baby dedications a special event. Cluster the dedications together so that it is a special Sunday. Always include a spiritual “charge” from the pastor. Allow the Children’s Director to be a part of that service giving the parents a pink or blue certificate suitable for framing. Some churches also give aContinue reading →

  • Tipping Sacred Cows – A Resource to Help Manage Change in a Church

    Many of us love and lead churches where change must occur to prevent a slow and painful death. We know that Jesus promised (Matthew 16:18) that He would build His Church and that the gates of Hades will not overcome it. However, when we look at our congregation we sense that aging people and traditionsContinue reading →