• Pastorpedia Live, Dr. Michael Wittmer, November 7 – The Historical Adam and the Human Genome

    You know about the ongoing discussion between Scripture and science, but have you heard about the most recent discoveries that are shaking the evangelical world? Studies of the human genome, which was mapped in 2003, have prompted many evangelical scientists and theologians to conclude that humans and chimpanzees share a common ancestry and that theContinue reading →

  • What is Pastorpedia Live?

    CE National partners with Grace Seminary to bring in top-notch speakers for this day-long seminar. The event is for the enrichment and encouragement of pastors, church leadership staff, those considering ministry, or those interested in the local church and its people. Each Pastorpedia Live is held at CE National’s Russell Center in Winona Lake, Indiana.

  • Register for Pastorpedia Live

    Pastorpedia Live events are held on Wednesdays from 10 am until 3 pm. The early bird discounted cost is $33 and is due the Thursday before the event.  After Thursday the cost becomes $40 per person.