• Major Concerns for a Pastor and Staff – Pastorpedia Live April 24, 2019

    Pastor Knute Larson

    Pastor Knute Larson on the seven areas he sees as the most important fixes for every church staff and board, after godliness and family. From personal schedule to board and staff responsibilities to group confusion, values, and love, you will find them very clear and practical. Knute was a pastor for 43 years and hasContinue reading →

  • Creativity and Freshness in Preaching – Pastorpedia Live Feb 6, 2019

    Register now Drs. Rock LaGioia and Kip Cone will be talking about creativity and freshness in preaching. This Pastorpedia Live is February 6, 2019. The event starts at 10 am and ends at 3 pm. The early bird discount cost is $33 and due January 31.  After January 31, the cost becomes $40 per person. For many preachers, the prospect of creativity andContinue reading →

  • What is Pastorpedia Live?

    CE National partners with Grace Seminary to bring in top-notch speakers for this day-long seminar. The event is for the enrichment and encouragement of pastors, church leadership staff, those considering ministry, or those interested in the local church and its people. Each Pastorpedia Live is held at CE National’s Russell Center in Winona Lake, Indiana.

  • Register for Pastorpedia Live

    Pastorpedia Live events are held on Wednesdays from 10 am until 3 pm. The early bird discounted cost is $33 and is due the Thursday before the event.  After Thursday the cost becomes $40 per person.