• Setting the Salaries for Church Staff

    Setting the salaries for church staff can be difficult, especially the pastor’s salary.  Here are practical suggestions from Knute Larson to make the task easier and more consistent. For sure a church should have steps for evaluating and setting salaries on paper so that “the wheel” is not reinvented each year. This will also helpContinue reading →

  • First Impressions in a Church – Pastorpedia

    Pastor  Knute Larson, Jim Brown, and Jeff Bogue talk about how to make a good first impression in your church.

  • Three Things the Senior Saints in our Churches Need to Hear

    By Ed Lewis Francis Chan reminds people that in a marathon, as runners get to the finish line, they speed up. He says that as a society, we have it all backwards. We start the race of life in a sprint. When we are a young adult we serve others and do ministry hard. Then,Continue reading →

  • 3 Things a Youth Pastor Would Like Their Senior Pastor to Know

    3 Things a Youth Pastor Would Like Their Senior Pastor to Know

    Having people serve in significant roles under a senior pastor’s leadership is necessary, beneficial, and biblical.  A senior pastor needs these key staff members to help equip others to do the work of the ministry. The time and conversations that senior pastors have with these individuals are crucial. But sometimes there are thoughts these staffContinue reading →

  • 3 Things Senior Pastors Should Know About Children’s Ministry

    How important do you think children’s ministry is? A children’s ministry is generally viewed as a necessary part of the church’s ministry, but is it? Are the workers who volunteer in this area seen as a valuable part of the church mission? Jon Rauch, a veteran children’s pastor, shares some thoughts on how a leadContinue reading →

  • How to Minister to a Family Dealing With the Chronic Illness of a Loved One

    By: Matt and Julie Leach We have all felt inadequate and even uncomfortable as we try to give support to a family in need.  We may have said some of the dreaded clichés, such as, “God won’t give you more than you can handle!” or “You’re so strong! I wouldn’t be able to do whatContinue reading →

  • Why Isn’t the Younger Generation Like Us? – Pastorpedia

    Pastors Jeff Bogue, Knute Larson, and Jim Brown talk about how to relate to Millennials and Gen-Xers.

  • Great Websites for Youth Ministry

    We asked two of our experienced friends in youth ministry, Matt Vosberg and Nick Deck, what websites they use for ministry and think are great resources. With so much out there, where do you start looking for good stuff? Here is a valuable list of good sites and sources they recommended. Enjoy! To find moreContinue reading →

  • Shall We Speak of Money – Pastorpedia on Fundraising

    Pastors Jeff Bogue, Knute Larson, and Jim Brown talk about how they handle fundraising in the church.

  • About Pastorpedia

    CE National is delighted to present Pastorpedia, a free, monthly resource for pastors and church leaders. Pastorpedia is produced by three experienced pastors: Jeff Bogue, of Grace Church, in several locations in the Bath-Norton-Medina areas of Ohio; Jim Brown, of Grace Community Church in Goshen, Indiana, a church known for its strong growth, family andContinue reading →

  • Five Keys to Equip Others and Multiply Your Ministry – Tom Julien

    A ministry with the greatest harvest is one where there is reproduction—multiplication of the efforts of the leader in the lives of others. But as a pastor you can be very busy with day-to-day ministry. How can you do one more thing? Learn how to multiply your efforts by reading this article by Tom Julien.Continue reading →

  • The Most Important Things a Pastor Can Do To Connect With His Local Community

    Pastor Bob Combs has been in ministry for over forty years.  “For all those who know him,” says Timothy Kurtaneck of CE National, “there is no denying that he is one good looking guy!”  We asked Pastor Bob to share what he has seen to be the most important parts of a pastor connecting withContinue reading →

  • Leading in a Changing Culture – Pastorpedia

    Pastors Jeff Bogue, Knute Larson, and Jim Brown talk about leading in a changing culture.

  • Three Huge Wins From Doing Ministry Through a Youth Leadership Team

    Eric Miller loves using student interns and leaders as a key component in the structure of his youth ministry. Currently in his 12th year serving as pastor of youth at Grace Community Church in Frederick, Maryland, Eric is continually pouring into his leadership level students, equipping them in all aspects of youth ministry with aContinue reading →

  • Personal Time Management for Pastors – Pastorpedia

    In the January issue of Pastorpedia, pastors Jeff Bogue, Knute Larson, and Jim Brown talk about time management for a pastor.

  • The Three Most Important Ways a Lead Pastor Can Invest Himself

    This is for my wife, Jeanine, and every other wife, and God also. Shepherd, lead, and teach, are secondary to my relationship with God and then family, and the love work that is attached to them! But when it comes to the church: shepherd, lead, teach. No question.

  • Ed Lewis Talks About Living ON MISSION

    Ed Lewis, executive director of CE National, talks about what it takes for a believer to live ON MISSION. What a joy to see you walking in the faith! I love that you serve Jesus and that you are living for Him. My goal in life has been to stimulate vision for the needs ofContinue reading →

  • Easy Staff Evaluations

    Annual performance reviews can be intimidating for pastors to give to staff. .  But they don’t have to be with the the right tool. Ed Short, CE National’s Church Ministry Coach and Consultant, shared this ministry review he encourages pastors he coaches to use.  Feel free to use this resource, or adapt it as necessary, to best assistContinue reading →

  • ON MISSION Campaign

    We have an exciting opportunity for your church! At CE National we have developed a church-wide campaign designed to disciple Christ-followers in the “How To” of following Christ daily. The outflow of a congregation of believers who live ON MISSION is an incredibly effective and healthy ministry.