• Attracting and Keeping Holiday Visitors

    The famous old song may be about being home for Christmas, but a lot of people do try church then, and at Easter, and we must make the most of it. How many times as a pastor have I been driving home from a holiday Sunday or service thinking, “I wish we would have…(whatever),” orContinue reading →

  • Ways for a Pastor to Love His Church

    When our chief apostle and writer Paul told us all to “pursue love,” he knew we needed to do that because it would not come to us. We must go after it, and make it a strong chase. Love is “righteous action to meet the needs of others,” not feelings. Read I Corinthians 13 andContinue reading →

  • Working with Healthy Church Boards

    They used to say that when the devil was expelled from heaven he fell into the choir loft of the church; now many would say he crashed into the board room. But we want to dispel that idea and give suggestions for godly excellence and a united ministry for boards. Download this issue of Pastorpedia

  • Receiving New People in the Church

    It is a simple way to critique a church: Do new people come? How are they received? How are they assimilated to the family? Each area needs honest answers and wise strategy. For sure! So this month we address these questions, knowing the issue of relationships of our people with the unchurched is most important,Continue reading →

  • What the Lead or Solo Pastor Must Lead!

    These we must not assign to anyone else – at least we think so, and we mean in any size church. Under 100 or over 10,000! We think these four or five areas are the priorities we must carry on our own backs. And while the three of us will not have the same lists,Continue reading →

  • Oh, and About That Sermon

    Most surveys (think George Barna asking his wife questions when he gets home in the evening) still show that 80-90% of new people at church come because they were invited by a friend. So our faithful people are the best way to guests and new regulars. But how many come back the second time, and more,Continue reading →

  • Let’s Fill in the Moats Around our Church Buildings!

    They often grow wider over time and we get more separated from the people and needs right around our location. We have church fellowship schedules that fill our weeks which become months and then years. Let’s build bridges to our neighbors and to local needs, honoring missions that are local as well as global. OurContinue reading →

  • Welcome to On Mission Insights

    Welcome to ON MISSION Insights! ON MISSION Insights publishes regular content focusing on Equipping Biblical Leadership, Impacting the Rising Generation, and Reaching Neglected People. We regularly release short articles on these subjects, usually 300-500 words in length, along with powerful resource tools and discussions on current church wide strengthening tools. Our heartbeat is the callContinue reading →

  • 11 Keys to Keep Your Church Volunteer Children’s Staff

    By Steve Koontz Keeping volunteer children’s staff around for more than a year can be difficult. The demands of working with children can be huge, but given good leadership, it is possible to have less turn-over. Here are 11 keys to keep children’s staff happy in their roles. Assign an experienced teacher to mentor newContinue reading →