• The Delegation Myth

    As pastors and leaders, many of us have a desire to learn effective leadership. We care for the people we work with and we want to learn how to pull in team efforts. We have all read leadership books that talk about effective delegation and how we need to pull back from taking on tooContinue reading →

  • How Students Connect the Dots of Evangelism

    During  Momentum Youth Conference 2014, Greg Stier shared a story about his twelve year pursuit of sharing the gospel with his family member. The endurance and dedication he placed into that relationship is capsulized in his message, seen here. We caught up with Greg after the session and asked him what encouragement he had forContinue reading →

  • Youth Group in a Box – Greg Stier Speaking at Momentum Youth Conference

    What is Youth Group in a Box? We have designed everything you need to create an engaging, high-level youth group lesson direct from Momentum Youth Conference’s nationally recognized speakers. By taking well-known speakers such as Greg Stier, Francis Chan, Sean McDowell, and more and digging into the heart of the message, we have provided easy-to-followContinue reading →

  • Shifting from Solo to Team Leadership

    It is encouraging to see the number of leaders in the church who have made the shift from solo leadership to team leadership. Does team leadership mean that the pastor is no longer the leader? Not at all. Instead, a deeper leadership is at hand—oversight and vision.

  • Know. Be. Do.

    As we interact with students, a great insight to help them start to think their own development are three simple questions: “What do I need to know?” “Who do I need to be?” “What do I need to do?” Or to make it simple: Know. Be. Do.

  • Forming Servant Hearted Churches

    Pastor Ed Trenner shared in October’s Pastor’s Equipping Forum on how Grace Church of Orange developed an equipping culture within the church. His decades of pastoral wisdom show us a good foundation for healthy, equipped, servant-minded congregations. A few key insights included:

  • "Truth Matters" Book Review

    “What do you do when the Bible goes from being the answer to being the question? …How can you begin to develop faith in such a confusing world?” – page xvi “Truth Matters.” Students face skepticism and doubt from not only their peers, but their instructors, if not their own self. Open discussion about historicalContinue reading →

  • Shoot Close to the Basket

    Junior and senior high school ministry comes with an eclectic mix of personalities. Students, with changing identities and growing independence, bring joys and challenges alike to the table. So how do we reach them? As a lead youth worker, I have often succumbed to the pressure of reaching the lost sheep. Don’t get me wrong—thisContinue reading →

  • 5 Keys to Working with Difficult People in Small Groups

    A common problem in the boardroom and in the Bible study is the—shall we say, “overly generous”—contribution of certain individuals. You can probably think right now of someone who speaks so much in group discussions that others can’t even squeeze a word out. This is awkward as a team member. For group leaders, it’s downrightContinue reading →

  • Shared Struggles – Confessions of a Youth Worker

    As part of the On Mission Insights family, we just wanted to take a moment to let you know that you are a valuable part of the ministry. We are proud of your service to students and want to work hard to come alongside of you and support your everyday ministry to youth. This pastContinue reading →

  • 7 Keys to Tackling New Ministries

    The church is a vibrant, passionate community of believers! It is an exciting place to be because there is always fresh, inspiring ideas. As Lead Pastors, it can be daunting at times to field all of these ideas. The question becomes, “How can we, as leaders, put ownership and encouragement into the hands of thoseContinue reading →

  • Small Groups – Big Benefit: Why Small Groups Work

    In order for a church to thrive as an active community unit, relationships must be nurtured. Small groups are meaningful conduits for these relationships to thrive. The difficulties of small groups include raising up leaders to oversee these groups, create a working form of communication within these units, and dealing with interpersonal issues that ariseContinue reading →

  • Dear Stressed Youth Worker

    The call of a youth pastor is filled with deep, meaningful purpose. But that doesn’t mean that it is devoid of stress, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed. The expectations placed on youth workers are often unrealistic and demanding. The best part? It rarely wanes. There will always be one more student in need of spiritual insight,Continue reading →

  • Avoiding Pastoral Burnout: The One Hour Vacation

    The call to pastor is filled with deep, meaningful purpose. But that doesn’t mean that it is devoid of stress, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed. The expectations placed on pastors are often unrealistic and demanding. The best part? It rarely wanes. There will always be one more person in need of spiritual insight, and many lookContinue reading →

  • How to Help Students in Crisis

    As we work with students, we become close with their pain. At times, it can be overwhelming. We may not have the instant solutions they crave, but we do have perspective, wisdom, and hope they need. We have the ability to be strong influences in their lives.

  • Youth Ministry Insight – Why ON MISSION works

    Transforming our youth groups from program-based attendance to radical Christ followers who live ON MISSION is a huge challenge, but it is not unattainable. As youth workers, we certainly have our work cut out for us. By defining the what, how, and why of living ON MISSION we can begin to transform ourselves and ourContinue reading →

  • Counseling the Hard Cases – Book Review

    When deep challenges face members of your congregation, it can be painful to watch. At times, the burden can be overwhelming. Arming ourselves with prayer and counsel from the Holy Spirit and the Word is crucial. After that, we are wise to arm ourselves with practical understanding of cultural, psychological, and physiological effects which canContinue reading →

  • The What, How, and Why of On Mission

    Transforming our ministries from program-based attendance to radical Christ Followers who live ON MISSION is huge challenge. But it is not unattainable. By defining the what, how, and why of living ON MISSION—we can begin to transform ourselves and the people we lead.   What is ON MISSION? ON MISSION is a lifestyle commitment—to knowContinue reading →

  • Riding the Wave: How to plan an Annual Youth Ministry Calendar

      One of the more daunting admin tasks of youth ministry is staring at the empty blocks of white space on the youth min calendar. Planning, preparing, and facilitating youth events is a challenge. But there is hope. Knowing the three waves of ebb and flow standard to most youth group is a planning lifesaver.Continue reading →

  • Instilling Holistic Youth Ministry through Reaching, Teaching, Coaching, and Developing

    “Youth Ministry” can seem like an abstract term. Different images come to mind. Strange food based games, wild lock-ins, loud music, obnoxious crowds, and a host of other such ideas surface. On the other hand, perhaps it reminds you of a life changing moment from own life, or the lives of those you love. YouthContinue reading →