• Celebrating Public Baptism

    Baptism is a celebration of commitment, renewal, and remembrance of all Jesus accomplished on our behalf. Although it is practiced in a variety of forms, traditions, and across most denominations, one thing is certain—the joy of baptism can bring a church community together in powerful ways. It is a major step in telling others ofContinue reading →

  • Kyle Idleman: Building Momentum with Students

    Author and Speaker Kyle Idleman joined Momentum Youth Conference in Chicago last summer. After delivering a powerful message about how to follow Jesus instead of be a fan of him, CE National had an opportunity for an exclusive interview with Kyle. He shared three keys towards encouraging your students to pay the price of followingContinue reading →

  • Slaying Weakness – 3 Ways to Strengthen your Ministry

    You have a heart of gold. You want to reach everyone. You want to serve wholeheartedly. You want to reach the masses. There is just one thing in your way—your humanity. You are not superman, and at the end of the day you may not be able to do it all. But that doesn’t meanContinue reading →

  • Stepping into Serving: 3 Keys to Make Ministry Simple

    As Lead Pastors, we see the whole picture. We know the inner workings of many ministries within our church. But for some of our church members, it can be difficult to know how to step into a ministry role, even if the heart is there. How can we as leaders, make serving an attainable goal?

  • What is Vision?

    The word “vision” brings up various meanings based on who is speaking it, how you hear it, and what setting you are in. No matter if it is a board meeting, a corporate business goal, a ministry objective, or a personal, inner dream, vision is the vertebrae behind it. But if it is incorporated intoContinue reading →

  • 5 Keys to Friendraise over Fundraise

    Fundraising is a word which often comes with groans. Few people get excited about making themselves vulnerable to the point of asking others for finances. But what if building a team of supporters around you could be exciting, interactive, and form a community bond?

  • Using the Right Tool for Discipleship

    When it comes to tools, Sears has a longstanding stamp of approval regarding their Craftsman brand. They are high quality, and yet for the everyday man. The Craftsman pitch of “The right tool for the right job” has for years pushed many into Sears to purchase a tool which will help them succeed. When itContinue reading →

  • How to Get Ministry and Vision Buy In

    Vision is of little value unless it is adhered to. I may have fantastic goals for the team I am leading, but if I fail to move them to a new stage—all I did was spout ideas. The challenge of translating vision to reality faces even the best leaders, leaving us with today’s question: HowContinue reading →

  • "Jesus on Every Page" Book Review

    “Jesus loves you.” “You are accepted by Jesus.” “All you have to do is be in relationship with Jesus.” These messages and similar entry level sermonettes make for great starters–but they must continue beyond an opener if we want our students to grow in the Word. I fear that at times, as a youth worker,Continue reading →

  • Facing Discouragement: Confessions of a Lead Pastor

    Looking over my twenty years of pastoring, I recognize that I have faced plenty of discouragement. As I reflect on it I can see three distinct avenues for it to creep into my life and my ministry: Emotionally Depending on Highs and Lows Direct Attacks Weariness

  • Developing Godly Confidence

    Confidence is an often-overlooked but important aspect of any ministry endeavor. It is paramount for someone who would lead others in any direction, and this holds true for those who desire to lead others toward Jesus. For better or worse, many of us do not naturally exude confidence. Such was apparently the case for Timothy,Continue reading →

  • Shying Away from Evangelism: Confessions of a Youth Worker

    President and Founder of Dare2Share Ministries, Greg Stier, spent time at the Momentum Youth Conference in Chicago last summer. Getting a few moments to hang out with Greg backstage, ON MISSION Insights asked, “Why do youth workers shy away from evangelism?” “Some of it is personal,” Greg began, “Many youth leaders don’t personally share theirContinue reading →

  • Leaders are Readers: Five Keys for Growth

    A popular axiom in leadership circles says, “Leaders are readers, and readers are leaders.” As is the case with all axioms, this is a bit of an overstatement. Nonetheless, there’s no question that if you dig into the personal habits of a leader, generally you’ll find books. There are many reasons why reading is endemicContinue reading →

  • Incident Report: FREE Download for Youth Ministry

    As much as we would like youth ministry to solely center on missions, ministry, and discipleship; organization and management are also vital to student ministry. When concerning incidents occur, a simple incident report can streamline information, track details, and keep your leadership team all on the same page.

  • Easter Reflections for a Busy Leader

    Holidays are rarely a vacation if you work in ministry. It is true that these times of the year make wonderful outreaches, bring in new guests, and offer fantastic connection points. But I would also be curious to find out how many times it is easy for those of us who are involved in eachContinue reading →

  • 3 Keys to Life-on-Life Evangelism

    Evangelism is often an abstract and misunderstood word. We think of the end result and not the journey towards a life reconciled to Christ. Today, we are going to look at that journey and how placing value on authentic relationship is the center of life on life evangelism. Here are three facets of that pathway:

  • Transferring Youth Leader Conference Insight into Your Ministry Culture

    I recently attended CELS –CE National’s leadership summit for youth pastors and leaders. I came away with encouragement, practical methodology from top  leaders including Keith Minier, Kurt Johnston, and Knute Larson. It was keen, it was fantastic, and it was somewhat like drinking from a fire hydrant. With so much great information and inspiration toContinue reading →

  • "Branding Faith" Book Review – Phil Cooke

    In a world full of digital clutter, mass-media marketing, and commercialism–where does the church fit into the noise of our culture? Phil Cooke tackles that very issue in Branding Faith: Why Some Churches and Non-Profits Impact Culture and Others Don’t.While it might seem awkward ranging to a level of taboo to talk about “branding” whenContinue reading →

  • Confessions of a Lead Pastor – Busyness and Me

    Busyness destroys a person on so many levels. As a lead pastor, I have often given into this slave master. But it isn’t worth it. Here is what I have realized: Busyness eats emotional energy. It drains life out of you. It makes life so much harder because when you are busy, you are easilyContinue reading →

  • Integrating Volunteers into Planning Successful Youth Outings

    As the lead youth director, I admit that I often have a plan in place for how I envision an outreach, event or outing to occur. But the fact of the matter is that there is a possibility for me to overrun my volunteer team with the plan in my head if I don’t communicate.Continue reading →