• Top 10 Youth Ministry Websites

    With the midpoint of summer past, many youth workers are turning their attention towards back-to-school bashes, focusing on vision for the year, and planning fall events. On Mission Insights would like to come alongside of you to make ministry simple by offering a few key resources and sites which offer great places to start. HereContinue reading →

  • Guilty Vacationing: The Refuel of Getting Away

    Summer heightens the clash of the work/life balance. When trying to look at how to fit in ministry opportunities available because of the summer months, mixed with family vacations, reunions, sports, and getaways–it looks overwhelming. The pressure of responsibility and an opportunity to refuel rise to the surface–and it can leave you feeling torn. SometimesContinue reading →

  • What is Mentoring?

    Simply defined: mentoring is the process of helping people to see who they can become. As I coach and consult with Youth Pastors, I keep these tips in mind as I guide them:

  • Fan the Flame: Gaining Momentum of Short-Term Missions

    Summer is a time of celebration within many churches. The opportunities for outreach, missions trips, and short-term projects rise throughout this time of the year. Here are a few ways to celebrate your teams and capitalize on the growth and development gained during such times:

  • Coaching Students to See like Jesus

    Sight is everything. Our perspective of world–our mindset, experiences, and views are forged from what we see. As a  youth pastor, I am often asking myself, “How can I coach my students to see like Jesus did?”

  • Identifying and Building Future Leaders

    Developing versus harvesting future leaders is a committed process. It is easy to take note of experienced, mature leaders and simply assimilate them into your ministry, program, or church. Yet what the body of Christ needs is for the development of future leaders to become of great importance to those who shepherd the flock. TakeContinue reading →

  • Helping Parents Process Summer Trips

    After months of fundraising, anticipation, and setting aside things to pack–summer has arrived and students are heading in all different directions at camp, summer missions trips, summer conferences, and trips. But after all of that buildup –how many students rush home to parents who ask, “How did it go?!” only to get a shrug orContinue reading →

  • Positioning a "Big Ask" with your Lead Pastor

    All too often, within ministry there is an assumed amount of tension between Lead Pastors and Youth Pastors. While I do not believe it exists in all churches–as we seek to “make ministry simple” in today’s article we are going to discuss quick advantage points which you can bring to the table before there isContinue reading →

  • Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Just the title alone may have you ready to turn the opposite direction. Very few people get excited about leaving an area of comfort and ease. And yet–the vital importance of living life to the fullest regardless of fear, security, and comfort is often the call of a disciple. As a Youth Pastor, I amContinue reading →

  • 5 Keys to Healthy Staff Teams

    When it comes to real estate, we have all heard the famous success mantra. The key is “Location, location, location!” But in terms of ministry wins and building a strong staff team the emphasis must be on “Relationship, relationship, relationship!”

  • Three Things to Avoid in Evangelizing to Children

    We all want to be more effective in sharing the gospel with our own kids and with others God puts in our lives, but how can we grow in this respect? So often we first try to sharpen our tactics, but perhaps a better way to begin is to consider which of our current practicesContinue reading →

  • Ministry that Matters – Defining your Main Street

    When Walt Disney first drafted design sketches for Disneyland in the 1950’s, he knew he wanted Main Street USA to be the portal into his magical experience. It was a simple concept to him—create a blend of entertainment and nostalgia, echoing the memories and sentiments of a generation’s childhood. This was so important to himContinue reading →

  • Memorial Day Ministry Reflections

    Remembrance is a powerful thing. As our Nation gathered round grills and picnic tables, shopping sales, and family get-togethers this past weekend to remember those who paid the ultimate price in service to our country–it gives us time to pause. As we celebrated this Memorial Day, it gave me a moment to pause and reflectContinue reading →

  • Celebrating Public Baptism

    Baptism is a celebration of commitment, renewal, and remembrance of all Jesus accomplished on our behalf. Although it is practiced in a variety of forms, traditions, and across most denominations, one thing is certain—the joy of baptism can bring a church community together in powerful ways. It is a major step in telling others ofContinue reading →

  • Kyle Idleman: Building Momentum with Students

    Author and Speaker Kyle Idleman joined Momentum Youth Conference in Chicago last summer. After delivering a powerful message about how to follow Jesus instead of be a fan of him, CE National had an opportunity for an exclusive interview with Kyle. He shared three keys towards encouraging your students to pay the price of followingContinue reading →

  • Slaying Weakness – 3 Ways to Strengthen your Ministry

    You have a heart of gold. You want to reach everyone. You want to serve wholeheartedly. You want to reach the masses. There is just one thing in your way—your humanity. You are not superman, and at the end of the day you may not be able to do it all. But that doesn’t meanContinue reading →

  • Stepping into Serving: 3 Keys to Make Ministry Simple

    As Lead Pastors, we see the whole picture. We know the inner workings of many ministries within our church. But for some of our church members, it can be difficult to know how to step into a ministry role, even if the heart is there. How can we as leaders, make serving an attainable goal?

  • What is Vision?

    The word “vision” brings up various meanings based on who is speaking it, how you hear it, and what setting you are in. No matter if it is a board meeting, a corporate business goal, a ministry objective, or a personal, inner dream, vision is the vertebrae behind it. But if it is incorporated intoContinue reading →

  • 5 Keys to Friendraise over Fundraise

    Fundraising is a word which often comes with groans. Few people get excited about making themselves vulnerable to the point of asking others for finances. But what if building a team of supporters around you could be exciting, interactive, and form a community bond?

  • Using the Right Tool for Discipleship

    When it comes to tools, Sears has a longstanding stamp of approval regarding their Craftsman brand. They are high quality, and yet for the everyday man. The Craftsman pitch of “The right tool for the right job” has for years pushed many into Sears to purchase a tool which will help them succeed. When itContinue reading →