• How is Generation Z Changing Youth Ministry?

    Generation Z Youth Ministry

    A few nights ago my daughters were watching their favorite cartoon. I am pretty strict on what they watch, and this particular show has been rather harmless. So I thought. My wife happened to be in the room when this cartoon, written for preschool age children, introduced the concept of two mommies. Taken slightly byContinue reading →

  • What Does Fortnite Have to do with Jesus?

    What Does Fortnite have to do with Jesus?

    Helping Students in Your Youth Group by Understanding Their Culture What show are students binge-watching on Netflix? How long will Fortnite be a thing? What is the most popular social media platform and who are students following? How much of youth culture ought we, as youth leaders, be a part of and how much shouldContinue reading →

  • 3 Easy Ways For Better Youth Group Discussions

    3 Easy Ways For Better Youth Group Discussions

    More than once, I was told it was a liability in a church setting. What would work in the classroom for discussion could never translate in a church environment. Yet, I somehow always default to being a teacher—asking questions, calling on students, looking for constant interaction. Large portions of a teacher’s lesson plans are contingentContinue reading →

  • 3 Ways to Make the Most of See You at the Pole

    See You at the Pole - 3 ways to make the most of SYATP

    So many great movements in American history were begun by students. So many other great movements of faith started with faithful people on their knees in prayer. Just imagine what could happen when faithful students fall to their knees in prayer—for their fellow students, for their school, and for their nation.  For nearly twenty years,Continue reading →

  • Roe v. Wade at 45 Years Abortion Debate Still Rages

    Our friend, Pastor Don Shoemaker, wrote a really good piece with regard to abortion and we thought that it would be a good article to pass along to you.

  • 11 Keys to Keep Your Church’s Volunteer Children’s Staff Happy

    Keeping volunteer children’s staff around for more than a year can be difficult. The demands of working with children can be huge, but given good leadership, it is possible to have less turn-over. Here are 11 keys to keep children’s staff happy in their roles.

  • A Plea for Public Prayers – Knute Larson

    Thoughts on a missing part of church worship, with some possibilities for a reinstatement by Knute Larson It is not that a worship time for a church does not work without a planned worship and requested prayer.  Many churches do very well without it.  And no one complains.  But… All of us who follow God’sContinue reading →

  • What is ON MISSION Insights

    ON MISSION Insights (OMI) seeks to help pastors and church leaders with their ministry through periodic emails by experts in the field of church ministry. 

  • Key Concepts on Creating a Sending Church Culture – OMI – May 2017

    Mark Artrip is the Pastor of Movement Church in Hilliard, Ohio. Movement Church is a part of an interesting chronology of churches planting other churches in the greater Columbus area.

  • One Pastor’s Approach for Finding & Developing Leaders-OMI – March 2017

    Ed Short is a fun guy.  It is easy to have a good time with him because he laughs and smiles all the time.  But he also gets things done. Ed serves as CE National’s Ministry Coach and Consultant for churches as well as for pastors.  He has pastored large churches as well as smallContinue reading →

  • Equipping Men in Biblical Leadership – OMI – Feb. 2017

    If your church is like many, much of the engagement and active participation in ministry is often done by women. Here are some thoughts from Timothy Kurtaneck (TK), staff member at CE National, about how we can encourage men in ministry through various resources that are available to pastors and churches. I’m conflicted.. Over aContinue reading →

  • Five Thoughts on Being an Encouraging Pastor – By Bill Smith – Feb. 2017

    Anyone who knows Pastor Bill Smith can recognize that he understands the art of encouragement! Not one to give false flattery, Pastor Bill always has a smile and an encouraging thing to say with people he comes across. He is the epitome of an encourager—a “Barnabas” or “son of encouragement,” if you will, to thoseContinue reading →

  • 8 Quick Tips for Starting a College-age Ministry

    We are often asked, by both leaders in student ministries as well as lead pastors, the question, “What do you do for young adult/collegiates in a local church context?” One of our good friends, Bob Hetzler, has a key interest in young adult/collegiate ministry and has written a very interesting article identifying 8 quick tipsContinue reading →

  • The Changing Face of Evangelism – Pastorpedia

    Pastors Knute Larson, Jeff Bogue, and Jim Brown talk about how their methods of evangelism have changed over the years, but how the message remains the same.

  • Churches and Political Action–What Pastors Should and Should Not Do

    This is an important election season in our country.  Legally, what can and can’t church leaders do regarding politics?  What should you say and do from the pulpit?  From what should you abstain?  Pastor Don Shoemaker, CE National’s friend from Seal Beach, California, has written the following information to help pastors lead their congregations appropriately—toContinue reading →

  • Three Reasons You Needed to Do a Block Party Outreach at Your Church Yesterday – Sept 2016

    How do you make connections with people in your community? How do you get to know the people and meet them where they are? So often we want the people to come to us—to come and visit our church. But what the Urban Hope Training Center has found is that when you offer opportunities toContinue reading →

  • “First Impressions” at the Church

    Pastors Knute Larson, Jeff Bogue, and Jim Brown talk about how a church can create an atmosphere that encourages guests to return.

  • Three Things the Senior Saints in our Churches Need to Hear

    By Ed Lewis Francis Chan reminds people that in a marathon, as runners get to the finish line, they speed up. He says that as a society, we have it all backwards. We start the race of life in a sprint. When we are a young adult we serve others and do ministry hard. Then,Continue reading →

  • 3 Things a Youth Pastor Would Like Their Senior Pastor to Know

    3 Things a Youth Pastor Would Like Their Senior Pastor to Know

    Having people serve in significant roles under a senior pastor’s leadership is necessary, beneficial, and biblical.  A senior pastor needs these key staff members to help equip others to do the work of the ministry. The time and conversations that senior pastors have with these individuals are crucial. But sometimes there are thoughts these staffContinue reading →

  • 3 Things Senior Pastors Should Know About Children’s Ministry

    How important do you think children’s ministry is? A children’s ministry is generally viewed as a necessary part of the church’s ministry, but is it? Are the workers who volunteer in this area seen as a valuable part of the church mission? Jon Rauch, a veteran children’s pastor, shares some thoughts on how a leadContinue reading →