• City Life 2019: a Great Way to Serve for a Week this Summer!

    City Life 2019: a Great Way to Serve for a Week this Summer!

    Looking for a way to serve this summer, but don’t have time for a lengthy ministry trip? Why not consider City Life, CE National’s eight-day ministry opportunity for high school students? This summer, City Life is ministering coast -to-coast as we partner with CE National’s two Urban Hope locations. City Life East, June 1-8, willContinue reading →

  • Vocations of Value Brochure

    Here’s a helpful tool for anyone interested in vocational ministry: the Vocations Of Value brochure.

  • One Hour. One Book.

    Dr. Randy Smith has been a long-time ministry partner with CE National.  Some will remember him best for speaking at Momentum Youth Conference.  Some may have been on a tour of the Holy Land with him.  Others may best know him from being the main teacher of the Great Commission Bible Institute in Sebring, Florida,Continue reading →

  • What’s The Difference Between “Jail Ministry” and “Prison Ministry”?

    By John Boren, former chaplain for the Kosckiusko County Jail – Warsaw, Indiana.  John went to be with the Lord November 12, 2012. For those of us not directly involved in ministry to the incarcerated, we hear references to “jail ministry” and “prison ministry” and we do not differentiate between the two. Instead, we lumpContinue reading →

  • Benefits of Sunday School

    If Sunday School did not exist, would we reinvent it? Yes we would! Here are several reasons to keep Sunday School: Sunday school provides a structure for teaching God’s Word. Preaching isn’t enough. A systematic teaching of the Scriptures – not just preaching (Acts 5:42) needs to occur through all age levels. Children, youth, andContinue reading →

  • First Steps

    First Steps is a discipleship course for new or not-yet Christians. Presented in booklet form for the leader, with separated lesson folders for the students. Suitable for discussion groups or a correspondence course. Topics include: Your New Life in Christ, Enjoying the Abundant Life, Five Spiritual Food Groups, and Prayer: Communicating with God. Download thisContinue reading →

  • Growing Stronger Through the Grieving Process

    A resource guide to emotional needs at the time of the death of a friend or loved one.

  • Meet the Family – for Middle School Students

    An idea for how to introduce various families in your church to your students.

  • The Path to Ministry – By John Boren

    John Boren was the chaplain of the Kosciusko County Jail Ministry. He’s now enjoying his Savior in heaven. This was the path that brought John to his ministry, and these steps may apply to anyone seeking to find God’s ministry for his or her life. Pray about it in a very personal way and beContinue reading →

  • My Take on ‘On Track Devotions’

    We don’t even sell it but we sure like it! On Track Devotions are great to get people in the Word. Here at the Urban Hope Training Center in Philadelphia, we are asking our whole church to work through the same devotional book. Why? I am convinced that most believers are not in the BibleContinue reading →

  • What’s Your Guidance System?

    As we move deeper into 2010, I’m realizing how time moves along faster and faster. And as time marches on we are increasingly influenced by our technology driven society. If our technology suddenly came to a halt where would we be without the internet, facebook, or twitter? Would we be able to function? One formContinue reading →

  • It’s Halftime, But How Will You Finish?

    Instead of dreading midlife; embrace this time as a time to renew your commitment to Christ.

  • Middle Adults Screaming For Change

    I scream, you scream, we all scream – but not for ice cream. Well, okay maybe some of you are. However, it does appear we are all screaming for a change. But the only change resulting in true satisfaction is a change in ones heart and spirit. As middle adults we tend to take aContinue reading →

  • 5 Habits Of Unorthodox Leaders

    Jesus was orthodox in his beliefs – He is Truth! But, no one was more unorthodox in their leadership style than Jesus. The more like Him we become, the more unorthodox we will be. Mark Batterson lists 5 Habits of Highly Unorthodox Leaders that are worth a read.

  • Eight Quick Tips for Starting a College Ministry – by Bob Hetzler

    Eight Quick Tips for Starting a College Ministry

    A few years back a pastor friend of mine asked me to help start a college age ministry for their church. I didn’t hesitate since I had been involved in youth ministry for a number of years. My thinking was that college ministry was not any different then overseeing a youth group except that theyContinue reading →

  • Emergency Procedures for Children’s Ministry

    Donna Yost, Director of Children and Women’s Ministries at the Grace Brethren Church in Wooster, Ohio, has developed these emergency procedures for their children’s ministry. Confrontational Person Fire/Tornado, Child Abuse, and Discipline

  • Top 20 Components of an ABF

    What’s needed to run an effective adult Sunday School class? Here are 20 components that will help any class be successful. Numerical growth. 15% to 20% have joined during the year. (The class is between 20-40 people.) In-the-class shepherding. A carefully selected class leader shepherds the people in the class. Out-of-class shepherding. Care deacons (oneContinue reading →

  • Family Worship Resource

    It’s something we want to do and know we should, but sometimes find we lack time to do. Many times it starts and stops. And sometimes it doesn’t begin. Family worship is a time for the family to collectively say, “God’s important.” It’s the application of Deuteronomy 6:6-9. “These commandments that I give you todayContinue reading →