The Value of the Scripture in the Life of a Christian

CE National is Passionate about the Word of God

One of the core values of CE National is the primary importance of the Word of God in our hearts and lives. This core value isn’t just about the information from the Scriptures. The core value is about the life transformation that should take place because of our interaction with God’s Word. Here are some valuable resources to help you, and/or your ministry, that emphasize the value of the Scriptures:
Bible Memory Brochures

A guide to Scripture Memorization

Scripture Memorization Verses


Biblical Beliefs

Biblical Beliefs are fill-in-the-blank workbooks that investigate what the Bible teaches about core doctrines of the Christian faith.

40 Days Devotionals

These personal growth journals (devotionals) give practical Bible truths on self growth that helps you read, observe, apply, respond, reflect and pray.

Junior Bible Quizzing
One Hour One Book – Randy Smith
On Track Devotions
Teaching the Bible to Emerging Adults

An article by Bob Hetzler



Scripture Typer
Free Bible memory app
The Good Book: 40 Chapters that Reveal the Bible’s Biggest Ideas
Deron Spoo
This book offers a 40-day journey through key ideas of Scripture. This study will help you to become closer to God and understand his love for you and others. The Good Book contains questions for reflection that help you apply the Bible to your daily life.Borrow this book and more from the CE National library.