One Pastor’s Approach for Finding & Developing Leaders-OMI – March 2017

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Ed Short is a fun guy.  It is easy to have a good time with him because he laughs and smiles all the time.  But he also gets things done. Ed serves as CE National’s Ministry Coach and Consultant for churches as well as for pastors.  He has pastored large churches as well as small churches, and is currently involved in a church plant in York, Pennsylvania, called Crosspointe Community Church.  After serving for years as a trainer for Sonlife in helping church leaders be effective in their ministry, Ed brings a wealth of personal experience to helping churches and pastors.  Here Ed talks about one tool he uses that might be of help to you.

No matter how big or small, new or established a church is, one significant role pastors have is developing leaders to do all the things God wants for and from your church. Developing a leadership pipeline that works well can take some trial and error. Like many of you, I regularly seek out leadership resources—the latest books, podcasts and conferences—for input in knowing where and how to launch leadership development.

From my own experience wrestling with this issue, I have found the book, The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber to be an excellent tool to provoke discussion and assist me in identifying who leaders are and knowing how to invest my time in character development. The book is the story of someone who is good at a task and decides to start a business based on that talent and the principles that can be learned from that experience. Using the labels of entrepreneur, manager, and technician, we find that there is a definite role for everyone and finding the right seat on the bus is key! The book is an engaging, easy read that lends itself to good discussion and practical application.
What has worked in my experience is the following format:

  1. Asking the participants to commit to 5 Saturdays of 1½ hour sessions.
  2. Reading approximately 40 pages of The E-Myth Revisited individually ahead of our time together.
  3. Bringing along to the session a list of three principles that they liked from the reading and that they see could be incorporated in their life – aka, the three “learnings.” I ask that their three learnings be typed out with a copy for each participant at the meeting, and include the page number where the learning was found and how the person sees this used in his job, ministry, life roles, etc.
  4. Sharing during the first hour at least one of their learnings with the group. It is beneficial for each person to articulate what they read and for the group to hear what each person gained from the reading.
  5. Hearing how each person is progressing in their personal spiritual journey is how we spend the last half hour. It is especially helpful for the leader of the group to know how grounded and informed the participants are in basic Bible truth and their own spiritual development.

Typically, how I have used this book is with a small group of individuals who may be interested in leadership or just seeking out their natural giftedness, though this could also be done one-on-one. The process has been a great way for the participants to self-identify how they process life and discover how God has wired them. If you are interested in checking out this resource for yourself, you can find it here. Feel free to contact me with any questions or input on how this has worked for you – let’s keep the conversation going!

Ed has been married to Carol for 37 years.  Ed is a glutton for punishment and still claims to be a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan.  At the least, you know he is a faithful man…

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Ed is happy to help you be effective in reaching, teaching, equipping, and multiplying believers for God’s glory.



Ed Short

About Ed Short

Ed Short serves as the primary Ministry /consultant and Coach for CE National. Ed is currently pastoring and has pastored five previous ministries. He is trained in developing strategies for church growth and vitality through the Sonlife Ministry philosophy. He has previously served as an Advanced Trainer for Son Life Ministries. He has seen churches grow through a prayerful plan of Reaching lost individuals, Teaching Christ-followers to understand Who Christ is and what He wants to do in and through their lives, Coaching Christ-followers to effectively minister and reach out to lost individuals and Developing Leaders to oversee and expand the ministry. 

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