Major Concerns for a Pastoral Staff – Pastorpedia Live April 24, 2019

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Pastor Knute Larson

Pastor Knute Larson on the seven areas he sees as the most important fixes for every church staff and board, after godliness and family. From personal schedule to board and staff responsibilities to group confusion, values, and love, you will find them very clear and practical. Knute was a pastor for 43 years and has coached pastors and boards now for ten years. QA all day and more practical notes than you ever asked for!

Added feature, the afternoon will include a segment on missions for the local church by Bob Schneider, whose senior pastor called him “the best global missions pastor in the country,” and who has had input for many missions boards, ACMC, and local churches.

This Pastorpedia Live is April 24, 2019. The event starts at 10 am and ends at 3 pm. The early bird discount cost is $33 and due January 31.  After April 18, the cost becomes $40 per person.

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Knute Larson

About Knute Larson

Knute Larson coaches pastors, one on one or in small groups, and teaches at Moody online, and Grace and Trinity seminaries’ D. Min programs. He pastored 26 years at The Chapel in Akron after 15 at Grace in Ashland, where he was also Ed Lewis’ predecessor as CE Exec Director. You will catch his embrace of grace and expository preaching with love for people. Read Knute’s blog at