"Jesus on Every Page" Book Review

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“Jesus loves you.” “You are accepted by Jesus.” “All you have to do is be in relationship with Jesus.” These messages and similar entry level sermonettes make for great starters–but they must continue beyond an opener if we want our students to grow in the Word. I fear that at times, as a youth worker, I stay in the comfortable zone of “Jesus loves you” instead of, for example, providing the full grasp of God’s wrath met and poured out through the love of Jesus. When was the last time that I worked through the minor prophets with my students? Have I ever touched Revelation? And how does Jesus, His love, acceptance, grace and fullness of God and man in one Divine Being pour forth across all pages of the Bible?

These questions and similar drove me to Jesus On Every Page: 10 Simple Ways to Seek and Find Christ in the Old Testament by David Murray. With easy to grasp concepts, met with truly inspiring revelations of Jesus’ work from Creation to the Cross–I found Murray’s reflections on Christ pivotal for not only myself, but my students.

Working chronologically through the Old Testament Murray offers insight into:

  • Christ’s Planet
  • Christ’s People
  • Christ’s Presence
  • Christ’s Precepts
  • Christ’s Past
  • Christ’s Prophets
  • Christ’s Pictures
  • Christ’s Promises
  • Christ’s Proverbs
  • Christ’s Poets

Perhaps the greatest insight we learned as a group from Jesus On Every Page was the realization that we have the benefit of looking back to the cross, but Old Testament followers looked forward to the promise of a messiah to come. Murray takes readers on a journey with the same perspective–inviting us to explore Scripture with the lens of seeking and finding Jesus throughout biblical history.

With almost a year long curriculum centered on these ten precepts, our students greatly increased their biblical literacy. The most meaningful part to me was watching them relate and identify with portions of the Word that they previously believed irrelevant. From our youth group to yours–we highly recommend it.

Question: What Old Testament passages have been the most meaningful to you personally as a Youth Worker? What passages have been the most meaningful to your youth group as a whole?


Jesus On Every Page Available on Amazon

David Murray on Twitter @DavidPMurray

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