5 Keys to Healthy Staff Teams

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When it comes to real estate, we have all heard the famous success mantra. The key is “Location, location, location!” But in terms of ministry wins and building a strong staff team the emphasis must be on “Relationship, relationship, relationship!”

This integral bond of unity and sharing of one another’s lives is at the center of the gospel. Jesus came to first restore relationship with ourselves to the Father. But his ministry of reconciliation reaches beyond just our relationship with God–it also spills over towards our bonds of fellowship with one another. The church is privileged to develop some of the strongest, most meaningful connections with one another, as we corporately seek the Lord.

This bond of the Spirit should not stop at church programming and fellowship times alone, but flow through the offices of your church as well. A Lead Pastor who exemplifies nurturing the relationships within his team will have greater leeway into forming thriving staff teams. Until you develop the individual relationship you will have a hard time developing each member of your staff as leaders. While it does take time to nurture these individual relationships, they are vital to develop–as these are the people who carry the largest outflow of your ministry.

Here are five keys to develop these vital relationships:

  1. Understand the importance of building relationship.

If spending time with your staff is just another item on your weekly to-do list you are missing the importance of your influence on forming healthy relationships.

  1. It’s not going to happen on its own.

Although your time with your staff should not be a rote ritual, the truth is that in order to initiate meaningful time, you need to place emphasis on meeting. More than likely, this means scheduling time to share about each others lives.

  1. 90% of the time, forming organic relationship is not going to happen in your office.

You need to emphasize meeting off-site. Make your meetings invitational. Create an atmosphere of friendship and not business. This will usually mean meeting off-site at a cafe, a coffee shop, or another relaxed environment. Make sure you are uninterruptible by secretaries, phone calls, or walk-in crisis counseling.

  1. Its not a time to talk about ministry.

Yes, ministry might come up in your talk at some point. Its natural. But seek to initiate conversations about life – about their life, and the things that are important to them.

  1. Dare to be open.

Building meaningful relationships is simply an opportunity to be real which will allow for honest sharing that will lead to positive interaction. It is okay for you to be honest about your life. Take that with a grain of discernment though. This is not a confessional, nor is your staff an outlet for therapy. But as you share, with some wisdom  and discretion, about your perspective, family, ministry stories, and life–you have an opportunity to lead through example and not just words.

These five concepts  will help you to build great relationships with each person on your staff team. The more you implement them into your staff team environment–individuals on your team will begin to see your decisions and leadership with understanding and trust behind the choice. Trust is transferable. It is earned in relaxed interactions and it is spent in seasons of decision. Just make sure that both sides stay balanced.

Question: What are some ways in which you have invested into your staff team? How has that created greater trust or understanding?

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