May 13, 2018

Announcing the Adult Leaders for the Operation Barnabas Southern California Team!

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Timothy Kurtaneck, director of Operation Barnabas, said, “Southern California is a terrific place to be able to equip and train young people in what it means to live ON MISSION. Not only is it a great location, this summer we have such a quality group of experienced, adult Operation Barnabas leaders that will make the summer even that much better! These experienced adult leaders have made a huge difference in the lives of young people for many years. They will have a significant impact upon this group that will last much longer than just the summer months. I look forward to God doing great things in and through this leadership team.”

See pictures and read the bios of the Southern California Team leaders.

Please be in prayer for these adults, as well as the adult leaders of the OB Northern California team, as they prepare spiritually as well as work through all of the logistics for their summer tours.

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