Wall of Honor

To be considered for the Wall of Honor, an individual or couple, through their connection with CE National, should have had a significant influence upon others by their ministry, equipping others to serve, including a special emphasis in church ministries. Significant influence should include one or more of the following:

  • providing ministry training
  • training others in evangelism
  • providing acts of service to the organization
  • involvement in encouragement
  • discipling others
  • modeling a godly Christian life

Selected by the CE National Board of Directors, the following persons have contributed to the cause of Christ in a specific area of Christian Education:


Mary Misner

Donna Yost and Timothy Kurtaneck (holding the plaque) poses with Mary (center) and members of her family.

The CE National Board of Directors made their selection of Mary because of her long-standing service to Christ for many, many years, and for how, even at the age of 90, she is continuing to faithfully ministry to others.  Download her bio.


Jeff Bogue

Jeff Bogue

Jeff Bogue was chosen…

1. For his involvement with the YouthNet cabinet—helping provide leadership to churches in the area of youth ministry.
2. For his many years of participation on the CE National Board of Directors.
3. For developing a church wide strategy—Know it, Live it, Give it Away—to see people come to know Christ and to grow to full maturity in Him.
4. For his vision to plant 30 churches in 30 years.
5. For being the “staff pastor” at Momentum Youth Conference, as well as the final speaker for the event each year.
6. For his involvement as an integral part of the monthly Pastorpedia videos—to help equip pastors and leaders.
7. For training young adults for ministry through 4:12 Commission, The Moody Extension, and now a partnership with Grace College.
8. For being a champion for children’s ministry and making sure it has the largest budget in the church.
9. For faithfully sharing the truth of God’s word in a relevant fashion that encourages life application and life change.
10. For having the wisdom to marry Heidi Johnson.


Dave Peters

Dave Peters with his wife, Sue.


Randy Smith – read Randy’s bio

Randy with his wife, Dottie.



Tom Julien


John Boren


Cindy Thornley


Mike and Margie Brubaker


Ralph and Dortha Wiley


Ken and Ruth Balmer
Because of their many years of dedication to serving others, supporting their local church ministry, and endless generosity to those in need, the Balmers were chosen for this award.


Peggy Owens
Peggy was honored for her significant impact through the Kosciusko County Jail ministry


Ray and Sharon Feather

The Feathers were honored for their significant impact
to our churches in the area of Bible Quizzing.


Carolyn Peak
Faithful Service to God
Whittier, California


Pastor R. Paul Miller
Evangelism – Berne, IN


Pastor Howard Mayes
Christian Education Ministry
Clinton, MD


Harold & Laura Peugh
Effective Leadership
Harrah, WA


Walter & Pearl Olszewski
Servanthood Ministry
Winona Lake, IN

Bob & Wilma Peercy
Youth Ministry Buena Park, CA


Leo & Leila Polman
Youth Ministries
Winona Lake, IN

Nancy Neer
Children’s Ministries
Ashland, OH


Mrs. Dorothy Dixon
Christian Schools
Temple Hills, MD

Dr. & Mrs. Harold Etling
Sunday Schools
Winona Lake, IN

Miss Linda Kline
Children’s Ministries
Wooster, OH

Mr. Dale Knepper
St. Youth Ministries
York, PA

Pastor Knute Larson
Adult Bible Fellowships
Akron, OH