iRead 66

Those who have read the Bible through for one year or more. Linda Tom, South Bend, Ind. (Mother of Julie Miller, sister of Susan Griffith)
I have read the Bible through in a year 54 times. Bethel Brethren Church, Berne, Ind, has these faithful readers of the Bible.

Martha Miller 25 +
Phoebe Boze 30 +
Sam Yager 12 +
Frieda Yager 35 +
Violet LaBrun 25 +
Arbie Hart 30 +
Norma Sprunger 10

Jim Franklin, Flora Grace Brethren Church, Ind>
I’ve read the Bible 26 times through since 1982. I’ve used several different programs: Daily Walk, a Bible made for reading, or the reading plan in one of my Bibles that usually went 3 chapters in the OT and a portion of the NT. I’ve gone back to a consecutive reading plan this year.

Ginny Kennedy
I have read through the Bible over 30 years. I read through a different version each year, and usually read 3 chapters on week days and 5 chapters on Sunday. I have not always ended on December 3l, but wherever I end in any particular year, I just start over the next day.

I am in the Psalms right now, and started August 14th, 2007. One time I was on a cruise and sitting on some stairs, waiting for the restaurant to open, for coffee. Someone stopped and asked me what I was reading so intently. I told him that I was getting my “Marching orders for the day.” It opened a very interesting conversation.

Another time when someone asked me the same question, I told them that “I expect to live forever with the people I am reading about, and I want to get to know them better.”
Whatever works. It’s my Lifeline.

Cheryl Moore
I’ve read through the Bible, front to back, around 6 times. First time through took me around 2 years reading all the foot notes too of the NIV Study Bible. Have read through in one year several of those times.

I am currently reading the New American Standard, John McArthur Study Bible, this time through. Enjoying his footnotes.
I’m a member of Basore Road Grace Brethren, Dayton, OH.

Phil Guerena
I have a plan of reading the Bible through 4 to five times a year. Sometime it can go to seven times, others only two times a year, like last year. I only started this 40 years ago and wish I would have done it sooner. My plan is using the Book of Proverbs as my calender. I read one Proverb a day but when I get to the end of the month with less days I finish the book so that I can start the month again with Proverbs one. Also I read five to seven Psalms a day so that I can also finish that book in one month. But I try hard to read ten Psalms to start the first of the month and seven and six the rest of the month. This is so that I can read Ps. 119 all by itself when I get to it. I have a daily journal. Whenever I miss a day I leave a blank page. But I haven’t had a blank page in years.

When I get to the end of the month and finish Psalms I also finish Proverbs. This gives me more time at the end of the month to concentrate on my regular Bible reading. One more thing, when I finish my notes for the day, I review them. When I start a fresh day I review yesterday. During the week, sometimes it is Saturday, I do a double Proverbs and Psalms day. This is so that when Sunday comes around I review the whole week. I take a marker and the verses that stick out the most in my journal I mark them and repeat them three times. From these I choose some to memorize.

To read the Bible 4, 5, or seven times a year, I usually do 4 or five but sometimes I can do more, you must get a running start. What I mean is that I try and read the whole five books of Moses when I start the year. I have to begin this in December. This year I started with the N.T. I just finished the Gospel of John and am in the Book of Acts now, Jan. 4. My regular goal is to read ten chapters a day besides my Proverb and Psalms.

Doug Jensen

I just started year 21. I read it twice in my teens then picked it up later in life. I use the One Year Bible.