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CE National

Ministry requests – September 16, 2020

The Rising Generation

Momentum Youth Conference

  • Keep praying for our Momentum planning team as they work toward “Momentum On the Road” events. We are hoping to have our first event in December and then several in the early part of 2021. Please pray for wisdom as the planning team is working with multiple locations in various states who are all at different stages of virus reopening.
  • Also, pray for the team as they look ahead to next summer’s Momentum and are working on being able to officially announce dates, location, and specific details soon.

The National Institute

  • Please pray for continued good health on the Grace campus so that classes may continue in person.
  • This first session, TNI classes are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Please continue to pray for TNI Director Brad Deetscreek as he teaches the class and travels back and forth between Akron, Ohio and Winona Lake, Indiana.

Operation Barnabas

  • Pray for our Operation Barnabas task force as they continue to meet with the purpose of planning for the future of the program and next year’s teams. Please continue to pray as we seek direction in planning for OB 2021.

Neglected People

Urban Hope Training Center

  • Keep praying for DAY OF HOPE, on 10.10.2020 , the new training and ministry experience sponsored by UHTC!

Here is a link for more information

  • Pray for UHTC Directors Andy Michael and Tim Lansing as they directly contact churches to participate with Day of Hope. A number of groups have signed up; pray that many more will be a part of this free event!
  • Continue to pray that both of our UHTC sites will be able to start planning for teams to come in person to the facilities. We are pleased to have Rob Rojas on staff at UHTC in Philadelphia as facilities manager. He has been a key part of the ministry there these last few years so it is good to officially welcome him on our staff!

Equipping Biblical Leadership & the CE National Ministry

  • Today at CE National’s Russell Center is the return of Pastorpedia Live with Knute Larson, Jim Brown, and Jeff Bogue and includes helps on pastoring during the pandemic. Pray for those who are attending in person as well as those who will view this training online.
  • Pray for our digital lab series of online helps for pastors, youth workers, and churches. Pray that this resource will be used and shared. Pray for upcoming titles in the series:

The Pastor and Youth Pastor Relationship – September 24, 2:00 pm

Ministry Wives Meetup – October 6, 8:00 pm

If you’d like to learn more about this lab and gain access to previously presented topics, go to

  • Continue to pray for the ministry of Ed Short, who coaches and consults with churches and pastors.
  • Pray for President Jeff Bogue, Director of Ministry Operations Eric Miller and the leadership at CE National as they lead us through this challenging time in our ministry.
  • Pray for preparations as we seek to sell the property here in Winona Lake, Indiana, and move the CE National offices to Akron, Ohio.
  • Pray for people to partner with CE National financially.