Listed below are areas of ministry where specific needs exist to enhance the process of development, support, and effectiveness of ministry training.

Russell Center

Wireless Digital Receiver $200

The National Institute

Youth Emphasis Week Chapel Speakers Programming $2,500
Transportation for January Module $800
Transportation to Urban Hope for Cross Cultural Class $1,300
Laptop Computer $250
On Track Devotionals $36 per student (30 needed)

Feather Center

Upgrade the screened porch      $500
Linens (11 sets)                              $35/set

Operation Barnabas

Discipleship Materials $500
Evangelism Materials $500
Laptop Computer $250
Digital Camera $200 ea (2 needed)
Microphone Stands $75
Sound System/IPod Player $100 ea (4 needed)
Carnival Supplies $100
On Track Devotionals $36 per student (75 needed)
Program Materials $15 ea (10 needed)
Gifts to the OB Scholarship fund $100, $250, $500

Urban Hope Training Center

Urban Hope Works $6,000/person
Deacon Fund $12,000
AC/Heat System for UH Apartments $10,000
Flooring for Community Center $6,000
Stained glass window repair $5,000
Sidewalk/Stairs Repairs $3,000
Video Projector $1,500                                                                                                                                       Digital Projector $1,500                                                                                                                               Computer and Editing Software $1,500
Ice machine for the church $750
Grill for church events $700
Commercial Vacuums $400/each
Stove $800
Mattress replacements for dorms $150
Window Grates for the Church $100/each
Wheelchair for those in need $130
Chairs for the church $75 each (100 needed)
Bedding and towels for visiting teams any amt.

Block Party Games and Concessions:
Incentives and Give-Aways for prizes $2,500
Inflatable Games $2,000
Cotton Candy Machine $500

Recreational Equipment for the Youth Center:
Pool Table $800
Round Tables $700
Folding Chairs $30/each (100 needed)                                                                                                           Sports Equipment $300

LIFE Program Sponsorship for teens to attend Momentum $500/each student
Bible Training Materials $30/person or $3,000 for one year
Video Bible Studies for those who cannot read well $40 each set

Momentum Youth Conference

LIFE Scholarship fund – Any amount

Studies in Urban Ministry – SUM

Urban Awareness Chapel costs $5,000

Other office needs

Two iPads for Traveling Directors – $500 each
Two Replacement Computers – $500 each
Digital Camera – $800