Dr. Jeff Bogue, President of CE National

Dr. Jeff Bogue


Dr. Jeff Bogue


Executive Staff

Ed Lewis, President Emeritus

Ed Lewis
President Emeritus

Phone: 574.267.6622 Ext: 112


jesseJesse Deboest
Director of Finance and Personnel
574.267.6622 Ext: 108

tkTimothy Kurtaneck (TK)
Director of Youth Leadership Training
574.267.6622 Ext: 103
Ed Short
Ministry Coach and Consultant

Board of Directors

The CE National Board of Directors is a godly group of men and women who help set direction for the organization.

Led by an executive staff, this group meets each May and November to hear reports and set policy for the ministry. One of the unique parts of this board is that at least one time per year, the Directors meet at a “model ministry” to observe and learn about new ministry ideas, philosophies, and strategies.

 CE National Board of Directors

Dr. Jeff Bogue (President)
Ed Lewis (President Emeritus)
Jim Brown
Clancy Cruise
Brad Deetscreek
Joel Hawthorne
Jason Haymaker
Shannon Hollinger
Margaret Olmedo
Dave Smith
Donna Yost

Pastoral Consultants

​CE National is blessed to have outstanding pastoral consultants assisting us in the area of pastoral leadership.

Knute Larson
A long time pastor at the Grace Brethren Church in Ashland, Ohio, and the Chapel in Akron, Ohio, Knute was also the Executive Director of CE National. Well respected and much appreciated, Knute continues his ministry with a coaching network and is an integral part of Pastorpedia Live events held four times a year at the Russell center at CE National.


Jim Brown
Jim is a long time CE National Board Member and regular presenter at Momentum Youth Conference. Jim pastors Grace Community Church in Goshen, Indiana—a church of over 3,000. Jim’s heart beats for Jesus and sharing Him with others!


Board of Reference

Chuck Bomar, Pastor, Colossae Church, Tigard, OR
Cheryl Fawcett, Youth Ministries Specialist, Association of Baptist World Evangelism, Vision for Youth.
Knute Larson, former pastor at The Chapel, Akron, OH. Currently pastoral coach with the Evangelical Free Churches.
James Long, Managing Editor, Outreach Magazine, Vista, CA
Mel Walker, President, Vision for Youth, Clarks Summit, PA

Invited Speakers

People CE National has invited to speak or lead (besides the Board of Reference):

  • Axis (World View)
  • Larry Acosta
  • Charles Arn
  • Jay Bell
  • Dewey Bertolini
  • Jeff Bogue
  • Jim Brown
  • Gracia Burnham
  • Jeremy Byng
  • Francis Chan
  • Jim Custer
  • John Davis
  • Don DeYoung
  • Steve Fee
  • Dan Gregory
  • Jay Halley
  • Duke Heller
  • Kurt Johnston
  • Tom Julien
  • Aaron Keyes
  • Greg Laurie
  • H.B. London
  • Gabe Lyons
  • Dawson McAllister
  • Josh McDowell
  • Sean McDowell
  • Gary McIntosh
  • Keith Minear
  • Jeff Myers
  • David Nasser
  • Todd Proctor
  • Chris Rice
  • Haddon Robinson
  • Ken Rudolph
  • Barry St. Clair
  • Ed Short
  • Randy Smith
  • David Stahl
  • Timothy Starr
  • Greg Stier
  • Laura Story
  • Nick Vujicic
  • Sumner Wemp
  • Bill Wilson
  • Vic Young
  • Afshin Ziafat