The over-arching theme of CE National is that as an organization, we desire to see churches and individuals live “on mission.” Each year, the CE National team adopts a specific theme. For 2013, the theme that has been chosen and developed is “Time to Strive!”

Listed below are some of the pertinent points to this annual theme with areas of emphasis and specific ways in which to help churches and individuals focus most on what is most important:

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Philippines 3:14

Time to Strive

  1. Time to put God first! Let God be the center of your life. Make church the high point of your week when you network, learn, worship and serve.
  2. Time in the Word needs to be a priority. OnTrack Devotions are a good way to do this.
  3. Time for family Most major decisions are made around the dinner table, said Ronald Reagan. Have at least two times a week when families have meals together at the table, to pray, and talk. Slow down the pace so the meal is at least 45 minutes of talking and praying.
  4. And do these things:
    1. Family night once every two weeks (no TV). Play games, talk, watch movies, exercise, or invite another family over.
    2. Spouses: date night as husband and wife once a week to eat out, go for a walk, take a ride, play a game, or do a project together.
    3. Plan an annual weekend where the husband and wife can be alone without the kids just to relax. It is good even for singles to get away one weekend a year just to think, plan, and pray.
  5. Time for prayer. Pray fervently for one another. Spouses are asked to pray together daily. Spouses need to pray out loud with one another and thank God for one another. Children need to hear parents praying for them and parents need to have prayer at meals and as they leave for school or work in the mornings. Pray without ceasing.
  6. Time to live “On Mission.” You are second! Seek at least ONE person for whom you can pray and impact to bring that person close to God.