January 27, 2019

A Student Perspective of an Operation Barnabas Summer Ministry Experience!

Operation Barnabas Summer Ministry Experience

One of the best ways to find out about Operation Barnabas and what being a part of an OB team is like is to ask one of our alumni. Alyssa and Raegan, two of our 2018 Operation Barnabas So Cal team members, recently began a blog, hoping to share about their experience last summer on Operation Barnabas.

The blog, A Daughter of Grace, is a fun read for both students and adults who are curious about all that goes with spending three weeks with 30+ peers and leaders, traveling and serving together. It also shows how a ministry team like Operation Barnabas can have a significant impact on a student’s spiritual growth, not only during tour but also continuing long after the trip is over. Head over to adaughterofgrace.blog for a taste of being on Operation Barnabas!

Applications for Operation Barnabas 2019 are available at operationbarnabas.net. The next application deadline is January 31, so now is the time for students to apply!

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