Operation Barnabas Faithfulness Award Recipients

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Since participating on Operation Barnabas is not an end result but rather a step in the process, we encourage OB participants to be involved in the OB Faithfulness Program.

This discipleship program, completed in the five months immediately following the student’s OB tour, involves demonstrating continued faithfulness through personal growth, church involvement, mentoring, and even new ministry development. Monthly reports are given as students go through an accountability check with a mentor, tracking items like time in the Word, prayer, scripture memory, and ministry/outreach projects. OB students are also encouraged to mentor someone younger so that they can learn how to model Christ to someone less mature in their faith.

We are pleased to announce the following 2018 Operation Barnabas alumni have received the OB Faithfulness Award.

Ransom Duke Beard: Path of Life Community, Auburn, Indiana
Raegan Coersmeyer: Grace Church Medina, Medina, Ohio
Annaliese Conant: Liberty Grace Brethren Church, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Madison Hensinger: First Christian Church, Kendallville, Indiana
Colby Murray: Harvest Bible Chapel Indy West, Avon, Indiana
Sarah Neu: Palmyra Grace Brethren Church, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
Stephen Troutner: Grace Polaris, Westerville, Ohio

Now is the perfect time for students to consider participating on Operation Barnabas 2020! The Midwest Tour will take place June 13–July 6 and the California Tour is June 20–July 13. More information about the application process can be found at OperationBarnabas.net. The early application deadline is November 20, 2019.

Grace Community Church of Huber Heights Visits Urban Hope Philadelphia

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Grace Community Church of Huber Heights Visits Urban Hope Philadelphia

Grace Community Church of Huber Heights Visits Urban Hope Philadelphia

July 25-28, students from Grace Community Church of Huber Heights served at Urban Hope Philadelphia. The group did homeless ministry, prayer walks, installed smoke detectors in homes, attended Urban Hope Community Church, and did work projects.

Here are some comments:

“I was scared coming here because I felt unsafe and unfamiliar with the community and I honestly came in with a lot of assumptions. I got more comfortable the longer I was here, praise God. Even though I was definitely being pulled out of my comfort zone I tried new things and saw some things that I never imagined would actually be real and it was actually very traumatic and bothersome for me in a lot of ways. But through all of it God taught me how to be more bold even when I’m out of my comfort zone and how to love others intentionally through the discomfort and see that God created them beautiful even if they are in fact broken.”

“What God did was break my heart. To love people who are hurting is what Christ would do and if I want to be like Him I need to go and reach out.”

Visit urbanhope.net/philly to find out how you can bring a group to Urban Hope Philadelphia.

Auburn Grace Community Church Serves at Urban Hope LA

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Auburn Grace Community Church at Urban Hope Los Angeles

Auburn Grace Community Church at Urban Hope Los Angeles

Auburn Grace Community Church from Northern California served at Urban Hope Los Angeles July 8-13. The group of 13 was mostly middle school students. They helped with the Saddleback Food Pantry, ran a kids program at the local Southern Cal Park, helped the homeless on Skid Row partnering with the Fred Jordan Mission, did beach ministry in Seal Beach, and started conversations at the Grand Central Market in Downtown LA.

Testimonies from students:
“I will share Jesus more with others. I realized my life is not mine, it is His. I am here to serve Jesus!”

“My time at Urban Hope LA opened my eyes for people who are in need and to do more daily devotions. And to start some sort of get together about God and soccer at the greens which is an apartment complex that has kids in need of the Word”

Testimony from an adult leader:
“It put a fresh fire in my heart to continue to look daily at who God wants me to interact with.”

Visit urbanhope.net/la to find out how your group can experience ministry at Urban Hope Los Angeles.

I Have Learned How To Live ON MISSION

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First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church from Coldwater, Michigan, spent time at Urban Hope Philadelphia July 8-12.

The group of 15 students and adults talked with people at Reading Market and Mifflin Park, did prayer walks, service projects, and came to Urban Hope’s Bible study at the church as well as their recovery meeting.

Comments from three participants:

Through the brokenness there is hope. Walking through the streets in unknown areas takes you out of your comfort zone, and God uses your obedience in ways you would never imagine.

I have learned how to live ON MISSION. And I truly think I have struggled telling people about Jesus. But this trip has taught me a better way.

Growing up, I thought I was so much better than everyone, even though I secretly struggled with the same things I was judging them for. Talking with complete strangers about their problems and mine has really opened my eyes to how much I need God’s grace.

God Opened My Eyes

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New Life Church

New Life Church from Indianapolis, Indiana, visited Urban Hope Philadelphia July 12-14. The group of 13 students and adults did a prayer walk, talked with people at Reading Market and did homeless outreach. They also joined Urban Hope Community Church for their Sunday morning service and lunch!

Comments from three participants:
Showing us the life people have here is scary because I could be one mess up away from that. Then I look at my life and think it’s bad but then I come here and realize I’m blessed.

God opened my eyes that, for one, I take things for granted, and two, now I don’t just see it was a city I see a world that desperately needs Jesus/God and hope.

I never wanted to talk about my faith, I was too scared to be different and always wanting to fit in. I am a shy person, but it should not stop anyone from just talking to people. God wants us to go out and give people hope and that’s what I need to do.”

The Reason: Momentum Youth Conference 2019

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Momentum Youth Conference 2019

Momentum Youth Conference 2019

Students and adults from nearly 125 churches, 19 of them new churches, descended on Indiana Wesleyan University last week for Momentum Youth Conference 2019.

The theme was The Reason from 1 Peter 3:15, “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”

Keith Minier, lead pastor of Grace Fellowship in Pickerington, Ohio, kicked off the conference.  During his Tuesday evening main session spot, Minier told students that the “engine” of their faith is reverence.  Understanding reverence will help them understand the reason for their faith.

New to the Momentum stage was Tony Livigni, campus pastor of Grace Church, Medina, Ohio. Livigni told the conference Wednesday morning that the answer is Jesus. “People may not like that answer”, Livigni said. Boldness is “unreserved-ness in speech.” The Bible is a bold message, students learned.

Also new to the Momentum speaker lineup was Dimas Salaberrios, co-pastor of Infinity Bible Church and author of Street God, now a major motion picture. Salaberrios told the Momentum audience Wednesday night the story of his journey from the streets to God and back to the streets of New York.

Sean McDowell, long-time Momentum speaker, took the stage Thursday morning. In classic McDowell form, the scholar and teacher showed students how morality must be based on objective truth.

McDowell returned Thursday night and presented the reasons Christians have to defend the Bible. “Let the truth of scripture transform us first,” he said.

Friday morning, Christopher Yuan, teacher, author, and speaker, talked about his journey out of the gay community and into the loving relationship with God.

Two-time Grammy Award winning American rapper and actor Lecrae Moore spoke Friday night. “If you live for acceptance, you will die for rejection,” Lecrae said. This is Lacrae’s first appearance at Momentum Youth Conference.

Steve Kozak, vice president of youth ministry for CE National, and Stephanie Taylor, Breathe Partners Ministry missionary, spoke Saturday morning.  “You can’t leave here until you love your neighbor as yourself,” Kozak told the students. Taylor talked about how she said, ‘Yes’ to God to small decisions which has led her to serve God in Haiti.

Saturday night, Jeff Bogue concluded the conference.  Bogue camped on the word ‘always’ from the theme verse of I Peter 3:15. “When you revere Christ in your heart…then from a place of reverence be prepared to give an answer,” Bogue said. “Be able to say ‘I am ready.’” Bogue invited the Momentum attendees to ask God, “Will you help me with my ‘always’?”

Throughout the week, The Jordan Howerton Band led students to worship God through songs and testimony.

Despite the excessive heat, students had a great time participating in afternoon events on campus like art classes, water kickball, a foam slip and slide, slime-fest, and sports tournaments among other free time options.

Each afternoon, groups went off campus for ministry in the neighboring areas.  These ON MISSION activities were hands-on to help students interact with people and put into practice sharing their faith.

Visit the Momentum Facebook page for photos and video clips.

The Momentum and CE National staff are rejoicing in how God used the conference to impact the lives of students and youth workers. We are now busy planning for Momentum 2020 which will be back to Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, July 14-19. Registration opens February 1, 2020. More information coming soon at buildmomentum.org.


Two Churches Recently Help at Urban Hope Philadelphia

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Montgomery Community Church

Montgomery Community Church from Cincinnati, Ohio, spent time at Urban Hope Philadelphia helping the homeless, doing prayer walks, and outreach at Mifflin Park. The group also helped with the Fourth of July block party.

Two participants talk about their experience:

Grant, “My perspective of people that have less than me changed. It has humbled me in a sense that makes me want to adopt a mission mindset in everything I do. God’s done great things here and there are greater things to come.”

Nathan, “Yes, I was a Christian before this trip, but I did not understand the importance of sharing my faith and truly living it out every day. This trip revealed to me that I need to involve God in my conversations and be a light for Jesus.

Delaware Grace

Delaware Grace from Delaware, Ohio, visited Urban Hope Philadelphia. The group installed smoke detectors in neighborhood homes, did a prayer walk, and outreach at Mifflin park. They also came to Urban Hope Church Sunday morning, plus did homeless outreach, and helped with the Fourth of July block party.

Sam, a ministry participant, talked about the experience. “While meeting with the homeless, I met a man who was a wildly talented artist. I prayed with him and was reminded that even though they’re homeless, they’re still people with gifts, dreams, hopes, fears, etc.

Visit urbanhope.net to find out how you can bring a group to Urban Hope Philadelphia or Los Angeles.

Urban Hope Day Camps and Block Party

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GraceChurch	Bath Campus

Grace Church Bath Campus

Grace Church Bath Campus from Akron, Ohio, and Manheim Grace from Manheim, Pennsylvania, helped with Urban Hope‘s kid’s camp and block parties last week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were the kid’s camp and Tuesday and Thursday were the block parties. The groups also did homeless outreach and kid’s programs using the HopeMobile truck. About 100 kids were at the camp.

Blessed Through Operation Barnabas

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East Team does a park program for Manheim Grace Brethren Church

Operation Barnabas East Team spent some time at Manheim Grace Brethren Church in Manheim, Pennsylvania. TK, director of Operation Barnabas, and Cody Ray, administrative leader for OB East Team, received this email from the secretary of the church.

I immediately had to reach out and say how BLESSED we were as a church through Operation Barnabas! Their park program was fantastic. Their teens attentive and caring. They helped us take out our ramp and old sound booth, blitzed our neighborhood with prayer and flyers for our upcoming outreach program, and loved on us!

It’s been 15-17 years since OB was here and I wish more of our church would have been able to come out and see them and get to know them. They were SO awesome! I’d LOVE to connect with OB in the future for upcoming years to maybe hold a Sunday morning program, so our church at-large can become excited about the ministry!

Every single one of those teens and leaders were imbued by the Holy Spirit and it showed! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for leading the OB East Team here to Manheim Grace! We love you all!! THANK YOU!!!!! GOD BLESS THE OB MINISTRY!!!

Praise God for the impact our Operation Barnabas teams are having in the churches where they minister.

Find out more about our Operation Barnabas teams at blogs.operationbarnabas.net/2019.

New Castle, Indiana, Church Helps at Urban Hope Philadelphia

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New Castle, Indiana, Church Helps at Urban Hope Philadelphia

New Castle, Indiana, Church Helps at Urban Hope Philadelphia

Students from Cadiz Christian Church in New Castle, Indiana, were at Urban Hope Philadelphia from June 17-23. The students were immersed in urban ministry and encouraged to take what they learned back to their home church.

If you would like to know how you can bring a group to Urban Hope, visit urbanhope.net.

Churches In Noblesville and Fort Wayne Bring Groups to Urban Hope Philadelphia

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Green Valley Church at Urban Hope Training Center Philadelphia
Green Valley Church at Urban Hope Training Center Philadelphia

The group from Green Valley Church

Green Valley Church of Christ, Noblesville, Indiana, and North Park Community Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana, brought about 25 people to Urban Hope Philadelphia. They participated in homeless outreach, work projects, prayer walks, Mifflin Park outreach to children, and even took the subway to 30th street.

Here are comments from a few participants:

“As a minister it has opened my eyes to the lost in the cities. They are not unreachable but lost. They need forgiveness through the hand of God working in our lives to reach out and plant seeds of hope.”

“Through Urban Hope I was shown a new side of life. I realized how sheltered I was from drug use and rampant poverty. God touched my heart by showing me strong leaders that are bold for the case of Christ. I was shown that people are not scary, and even if they are, so what? They need to know about God.”

30 Days of Prayer for Momentum Youth Conference

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30 Days of Prayer for Momentum Youth Conference

30 Days of Prayer for Momentum Youth Conference

This Sunday marks 30 days before Momentum 2019. Would you join us in praying daily that God’s Spirit would penetrate the hearts of students and adults who attend? We’ll post on the CE National Facebook page daily prayer requests starting this Sunday. Each day you’ll get a specific way to pray for one of the largest gatherings of students in the country. To make sure you see the requests, be sure to follow CE National’s Facebook page.

The Shores Student Ministry Helps at Urban Hope Philadelphia

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The Shore Student Ministry Helps at Urban Hope Philadelphia

The Shore Student Ministry Helps at Urban Hope Philadelphia

Ten students from Harbour Shores Church in Cicero, Indiana were at Urban Hope Philadelphia last week. The group did homeless ministry, installed smoke detectors in neighborhood homes, hung out with people at Mifflin Park, and did prayer walks. They also joined Urban Hope Community Church people for Bible study and church on Sunday.

Alaina, one of the participants, commented, “Over the week I spent here at Urban Hope, I learned to be open about my brokenness and accept that I am not perfect and only Jesus can help me.”

Visit urbanhope.net/philly to find out how you can bring a group to Urban Hope Philadelphia.

CE National Honor Given to Grace Community Church, Goshen, Indiana

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The Park at Grace Community Church

Last Sunday (May 26), a CE National Honor was given to Grace Community Church (GCC) in Goshen, Indiana. This specific award was given to the church for the Idea of the Year for The Park at Grace.

The church uses the by-line “in the community—for the community” and that in a nutshell is the purpose of The Park. This huge playland, while meant for the children and families of GCC, is also an effective tool to reach out to families in the area and to make initial connection with the church body. Thousands of children have come to The Park and families have become involved in GCC through this specific outreach. Congratulations, Grace Community, for thinking about the needs of your community, being salt and light, and pointing people to Jesus! The Park is a great idea!

Urban Hope Training Center Director and Dean/Discipler of the Studies in Urban Ministries

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This Ministry Position might be for you…

If you are interested in overseeing the training of 1500 adults and students each year to learn how to passionately share Jesus within their sphere of influence. The Urban Hope Training Center Philadelphia is designed to empassion and equip individuals to understand and experience evangelism in an urban setting. This results in the participants impacting individuals within their sphere of influence back home. If you are passionate about sharing Jesus with others and have the ability to coach and train others…keep reading!

Information about Urban Hope:

The Urban Hope Training Center is located in the Kensington area of Philadelphia and was founded in 1998. It exists to provide opportunities for teams of Christ-followers of all ages to be trained to effectively evangelize those within their sphere of influence when they return home. Our passion is for individuals and churches to catch a vision for Living ON MISSION meaning they “Passionately Follow and Share Jesus” so they not only impact the Philadelphia neighborhood but their home communities.

The Ideal Candidate:

He/she will have a strong passion to see Christ-followers be equipped to effectively evangelize the un-churched within their sphere of influence.  He/she will see evangelism as a process and have the ability to inspire and coach Christ-followers to make an impact within their sphere of influence. He/she will be driven by his/her love for Jesus to create a movement of Christ-followers who value the un-churched and prioritize their lives to reach them. He/she will enthusiastically further develop the Training Center and multiply its influence. It is preferred that he/she has a bachelors degree and at least 5 years of full-time ministry experience. However, if you have life experience that qualifies you, please strongly consider applying.

As the Training Center Director, you will ultimately create a movement of Christ-followers who will develop a passion for the lost to significantly impact the Church by: 

  1. Valuing lost people so much that they become a priority
  2. Identifying the opportunities for outreach in their sphere of influence
  3. Developing a strategy for reaching those people

As the Training Center Director, you will further develop a strategy for accomplishing this movement including:

  • Hosting the short-term teams and establish ongoing relationships with the key leaders of each team
  • Developing and delivering quality evangelism practice field training experiences including children’s, youth and homeless experiences for the short-term teams to participate while at Urban Hope
  • Training experiences will happen throughout Philadelphia and in the Kensington area of Philadelphia. This area is filled with many children and youth (Median age is 23).  Groups will learn how to share Christ through loving actions and words.  Because of the many children and youth in the neighborhood we have a great opportunity to minister to the young.  The director may utilize students he is discipling (SUM, ACTION Year, and interns) as well as resources at Urban Hope to work with planning or overseeing outreach events.
  • Developing and provide transferable evangelism training principles for the short-term teams to learn and use while at the Urban Hope Training Center
  • Providing on-going follow-up for each short-term team that comes to Urban Hope including insight into creating an ON MISSION movement within the church, para-church group, youth group, etc…

As the Dean/Discipler of the Studies in Urban Ministries Program, you will ultimately seek to raise up passionate leaders to serve in urban ministries…

  • Who live ON MISSION because they have a deep love for Jesus
  • Who have an insightful understanding of urban culture
  • Who have the necessary ministry and leadership skills to develop and lead various ministries which emphasize evangelism and discipleship in an urban environment

The SUM Program happens each Fall of the year and trains and educates students to evangelize and disciple in an urban environment.  As part of the SUM Program, the GAP Program (Action Year) continues to runs throughout the year to further develop and disciple students by participating in ministry experiences.

 As the Dean/Discipler of the Studies in Urban Ministries Program, you will accomplish this end goal by…

  • Overseeing the marketing of the program
  • Working with the professor and director of the program
  • Establishing and overseeing the budgeting
  • Planning ministry trips and experiences
  • Setting and enforcing guidelines for students while at Urban Hope
  • Serving as a liaison with Grace College and other participating colleges
  • Relationally connecting with the students
  • Discipling the students
  • Recruiting students for the program
  • Contacting colleges about the program
  • Connecting students to personal and career mentors

 Qualities needed: 

  1. Strong testimony and models living ON MISSION: “Passionately Following and Sharing Jesus”
  2. Burden for outreach and seeing others live ON MISSION
  3. Able to organize
  4. Enjoys teaching and training and explaining things to others (equipper) Sees himself as a coach/discipler
  5. Able to direct and lead people
  6. Good team builder
  7. Effective networker
  8. Patient
  9. Sees the value of ministry within an urban area
  10. Willing to be flexible with personal schedule as needed
  11. Passionate to train people to live lives of outreach and discipleship
  12. Understands outreach as a process
  13. Understands how culture affects outreach
  14. Relationship builder
  15. Able to write quality training materials and follow up materials
  16. Proven track record of guiding people in spiritual development
  17. Has intentional relationships with lost people within his/her sphere of influence
  18. Good at follow through
  19. Discerning
  20. Able to manage people and programs
  21. Understands the uniqueness of other cultures including urban
  22. Desires to see churches grow through Christ-followers effectively reaching the un-churched
  23. Willingness to work on raising financial support within three years


  1. Oversee and ongoing refinement of training
  • Standardize the message
  • Develop and refine training content and materials
  • Develop follow up strategies
  1. Development of ministry and evangelism experiences
  • Determine what will be most beneficial for each group to experience based upon the specific needs of the group
  • Oversee the ministry experiences of each group
  • Work with Urban Hope Community Church leaders as cutting-edge Children’s, Youth and Homeless ministries are developed, other churches, social organizations, homeless ministry organizations and the “Shall Never Thirst” Organization to develop ministry experiences
  1. Delivery of training
  • Implement effective procedures for managing teams for the greatest impact
    • Leadership of teams
    • Oversee the logistics of teams including…
      • Registration
      • Finances
      • Hospitality/parking, etc…
      • Transportation – encouraged to get your CDL license
      • Guest apartments
      • Develop new teams (college age, adult, pastor groups, etc)
      • Follow up
      • Regularly update the Training Center booklet
  1. Marketing and promotion of the training center
  • Develop marketing tools for the training center – brochures, web site, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, etc.
  • Actively promote the training center – travel, speaking, etc.
  • Assist the CE National staff in fundraising for the Urban Hope Training Center
  • Produce and send out the Urban Hope Training Center publication
  • Post pictures and write-ups for each team
  • Determine ways to attract new groups with the goal being 25% new groups each year
  1. Oversight of the training center staff
  • Training Center Registrar – part time
  • Training Center Logistics Manager – part time
  • Facility Maintenance Manager
    • Maintenance and cleaning of facilities
  1. Oversight of the Urban Hope Training Center’s Internship program
  • Develop and oversee the internship program including the development of an expectation sheet for each intern, training, accountability, logistics and ongoing evaluation of the program.
  • Develop a variety of internship opportunities (summer, 9 months, 1 year, etc)
  • Evaluate interns as well as gather their evaluations of their experience to continually improve the effectiveness of the program.

 Accountability: Will report directly to the CE National President


  • Salary would be based on experience.
  • Benefits include: health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, short-term disability insurance, life insurance as well as paid holidays, vacation and sick time. There is also an educational allowance available.

If you are interested…please send a cover letter introducing yourself and your resume to hr@cenational.org. We will respond quickly!