Today is the Last Day to Get the Best Rate for Momentum Youth Conference

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Today (March 31) is the last day to register for Momentum Youth Conference at the lowest rate. Get more information and register here.

Four Common Registration Questions about Momentum Youth Conference

  1. Do I have to make a Family Account if I’m just one person?Yes, even if you’re one person registering for Momentum, the first step is to create a Family Account and add yourself as a member of the family. You can start your family account here. Once you’ve created the account, check your email for the confirmation link to continue on.
  2. Can I add the breakfast plan or early arrival after I’ve registered?You can’t add them yourself, but our registrar, Carly, can make the addition for you. You can email her at to make these requests and for other registration questions.
  3. How do I know if my deposit went through as paid?The color coded key above the payment section will tell you what your payment status is. As shown, the red X means there are no payments made on your account, the yellow X means at least the $75 deposit (or more but not the full balance) has been paid, the green check mark means your balance has been paid in full.

If your church is making a deposit for you, the icon will not change in real time, but will be updated. The church will still need to make the deposit on behalf of registrants by the March 31 deadline for registrants to get the best rate.

  • How can I ensure I’m getting the best rate?By registering AND paying at least the $75 deposit by or on March 31, you’ll get the best rate for the #bestweekofsummer at Momentum Youth Conference 2017!

Success Through Urban Hope Works

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Urban Hope Works is an intensive discipleship program striving to equip people in the Urban Hope community to escape the cycles and traps of unemployment and underemployment.

Participants will go through the “Jobs for Life” curriculum, work at Urban Hope for a required number of hours per week, and begin the process of entering the work force.

  • Praise God for the growth and teach-ability of a current participant.
  • Pray for wisdom as we select future applicants.
  • Pray for teachable hearts and willingness to work hard.
  • Pray for us as we begin the “Jobs for Life” curriculum.
  • Pray for funds to expand this opportunity for discipleship.
  • Pray for God-honoring transformation as we learn to work and serve for His glory.

To find out how you can help with Urban Hope works, click here.

Be Bold in Your Relationships – What One Student Learned at Urban Hope

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Aaron Christenberry, a biblical studies and youth ministry major (The National Institute) was one of the 24 Grace College students who participated in a ministry/missions trip to the Urban Hope Training Center in Philadelphia over spring break. Be encouraged with what he experienced and what he learned!

Read Matthew 25:31-40
What you do for yourself will die with you, what you do for others will live with them.

Recently, I went on a missions trip to inner-city Philadelphia where our team did work in evangelism, homeless ministry, and children’s ministry. We had a fun time working alongside one another in an environment that mimicked the setting of Rocky Balboa. If you can imagine bar-windowed, tiny houses separated by a piece of drywall and insulation, with trash lining the streets, you have pictured the area we were in.

During our time there, I had a chance to volunteer in a homeless shelter that housed a little over 350 people (which is about 1/25 of the population of homeless people in Philly). While I was there, I had the chance to eat lunch with a man who had moved out to Philadelphia from Indianapolis. His mother had passed away and he had lost his job all within the span of a few months. In the course of conversation, I found out that he had my late Uncle John as his high school math teacher. This was the second person in 5 months that I had met who had my uncle as their teacher. Both men were greatly inspired by him that they went on to earn college degrees and enter a field that impacted people (one was inspired to teach and the other connected with him over sports).

It was through both of those encounters that I realized that my Uncle John, who passed away in his 50’s from bone cancer, didn’t get to see the impact he had on those two lives, and quite possibly many more students. This drove me to recognize how massively huge God’s plan is, and how he uses ANYTHING and ANYONE in order to reach people for his Kingdom. I also came away thinking “how many people will God place in my path in order to do something for them that might make a greater impact on the Kingdom of God?”

Jesus sums up the passage in Matthew 25 by saying “I tell you the truth, whatever you have done for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Jesus here is talking about the good works that people have done towards others. Jesus reveals that their good works have reaped rewards that the people are just now finding out.

So often, I think we either belittle a good deed, a kind word, or a generous action towards another person that might have an eternal impact. You never know who God will place in your path and you never know how it will impact that person for the Kingdom of God. Be bold in your relationships and interactions with people because you may stumble across someone that may see the light of Jesus in you and, as a result, be changed forever.

Junior Bible Quizzing Encourages Kids to Study the Bible

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Junior Bible Quizzing is for kids grades 3-6 who want to study and memorize the Bible.  The North East Ohio District has a four-year cycle of material including books like: John, Acts, Philippians, Ephesians, Ruth, Jonah, Isaiah 53 and Psalm 51.  Junior quizzers study a portion of Scripture (around 100 verses) with 25 memory verses to compete in four Rallies every 6-8 weeks over the school year.  The North East Ohio District currently has 12 teams involved in the program.  A team is made up of 3-7 kids from a church.  For more information about Junior Bible Quizzing, check out the Facebook page or contact Christy Kear at

Family Groups at Urban Hope

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Family Groups meet on Tuesday nights at Urban Hope for fellowship, Bible study, accountability and prayer. Pray for these groups of believers as they continue in an extensive study in the book of Ephesians.
Pray that we will grow in both hunger for and obedience to God’s Word.

As the groups read each passage, they ask themselves

  1. What does it say?
  2. Do I believe it?
  3. Am I going to follow and obey it?

Momentum’s Got Talent – It’s That Time of Year

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It’s that time of year to be thinking about and preparing for Momentum’s Got Talent. If you are a youth worker or a parent you may want to start reminding and encouraging students of the opportunities to be part of Momentum Youth conference. If you are a student you will want to consider how you might be part of this exciting opportunity.

Momentum’s Got Talent (MGT) is a place for students in 7th-12th grades to share their talents and gifts. This may involve singing, playing an instrument, writing a song, poem or story. It could also include a drama, painting, or Scripture memorization. These and other areas are open to young people to share in ways God has blessed and gifted them. Updated options and rules will be available on CE National’s website soon.

Participating is a two-step process that involves a video upload where the work will be evaluated by a panel of judges. Those who make it to the live auditions at Momentum will again be judged with a live performance or showing of art work and possibly be asked to perform on stage during one of the main sessions. Scholarships may also be offered to students. Both Grace College and Lancaster Bible College offer a limited number of renewable scholarships.

The uploading for the initial round of judging will open April 13th and all videos must be uploaded by June 1. We will have more details coming in later editions of CE News Online.

Three-fold Communion Resource from Grace Church, Wooster, Ohio

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Pastor Bob Fetterhoff, lead pastor of Grace Church in Wooster, Ohio, filmed 3-fold Communion videos in the Holy Land. These 5-7 minute videos help explain what Jesus was teaching His disciples the night before he died. Each can be downloaded and played during a Communion service or used as a teaching tool for church leaders.

The Bread and the Cup
Foot washing
The Love Feast

Bob leads tours to the Holy Land. The next one is scheduled for March 16–27, 2015. Visit to find out more.

The First Annual WCC/TNI Bible Trivia Event

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WCC and TNI students enjoying Bible Trivia

WCC and TNI students enjoying Bible Trivia

Last Sunday (March 19) the students from Warsaw Community Church (WCC) challenged the youth ministry students of The National Institute (TNI) in Bible Trivia. It was a great night! Over 125 people gathered at the Russell Center and had an enjoyable time working in teams to respond correctly to over 100 questions about the Bible and life. Groups brought in food, there was a wonderful atmosphere and each side will tell you that they scored more than the other!

Timothy Kurtaneck (TK), the director of the TNI program said, “There is great value in having our college students rubbing shoulders with middle school and high school students and their youth leaders. The event is a fun way to build relationships and encourage students, from 7th grade through college, to study the Bible, learn from it, and apply it to our lives. WCC did a great job organizing the event and making it a valuable experience for all who participated in it.”

WCC has been an important church for TNI as they are willing to use Grace College youth ministry students as teachers, small group leaders, and interns.

For more information about the event, WCC, or The National Institute, email us at

“The Comeback” — Momentum Youth Conference 2017

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The theme for Momentum Youth Conference 2017 is The Comeback! Every one of us is in need of a “comeback!” Our current culture is filled with extensive distractions and endless temptations. It is so difficult to maintain any level of godliness and purity.

We can easily feel like the pressure and expectations are just too much. Maybe you feel lost in sin and shame, knowing exactly where you’ve fallen short, or maybe you are exhausted from striving to be “good” and earning God’s approval. Maybe you just feel stuck or misguided, completely unsure of God’s direction for your life. We undoubtedly fall all along this spectrum, but there is One who faithfully calls us back to Himself; One who wants to speak into the details of our lives; One who offers freedom and grace; One who knows us completely and still offers us the deepest love possible. His name is Jesus. No matter how far we’ve wandered and regardless of what we’ve done or haven’t done, our gracious God is always extending an invitation to come to Him, whether for the first time or the five-hundredth time.

Jesus is our resurrected Savior who has defeated every enemy of heaven and earth. Because of His victory, every single human is offered the opportunity to repent in faith receiving salvation, and those who are already in Christ have the invitation to come back to Him through repentance every day. He has made the greatest comeback ever. Suffering a brutal death and being raised back to life, Jesus defeated death itself, swallowing it up in victory, making our comeback story an everyday possibility.

We are so excited to be a part of your comeback this summer! Join us!

Register Now

Woohooo…110 Kids at Kingdom Kids Last Sunday!!!

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A visiting team from western Pennsylvania braved the weather and knocked on hundreds of doors to invite kids to Urban Hope‘s Kingdom Kids. As a result, we’ve been given the privilege of connecting with several new families. Pray that relationships with parents would be built as we visit the children’s homes. Pray that entire families would hunger for the truth of God’s Word and submit to Jesus as King.

ROCK is our youth outreach program that meets Friday nights from 7-9 pm. Please pray for the youth committee and youth leaders in training as they make final preparations for the Murder Mystery outreach on Friday, March 31st. We are encouraging the teens to invite unsaved friends. Pray that many will come, have a blast, and come back to ROCK again. Pray that some would experience the beginning of a new life in CHRIST. Pray too for the discipleship of new believers.

March 29 is the Deadline to Register for the April 6 Heritage Day

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The trio to perform at Heritage, Sherilyn and Dave Rank, and Christi Barlow

CE National is privileged to host a Heritage Day on April 6 at Das Dutchman Essenhaus. (240 US-20, Middlebury, Indiana) “The Role of the Believer in a Changing Society” is the theme and Pastor Knute Larson will be the keynote speaker.

Heritage Day will begin at 10 am (doors open at 9:45) and conclude at 2 pm. The Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church Trio will be special music. Besides singing hymns and having great fellowship, there will be a family-style meal served in the Das Dutchman Essenhaus dining room.

Knute Larson coaches pastors and churches, majoring on preaching, leadership, and daily grace. Knute draws from his experience of 41 years as senior pastor at two churches, the last 26 years being at The Chapel, in Akron, Ohio.

He works closely with three churches as adjunct staff, coaches five others every month, and meets regularly in groups with pastors of the Great Lakes Evangelical Free Churches. Other teaching is for D.Min courses at Trinity and Grace seminaries, and pastoral courses at Moody Bible Institute. Knute and his wife, Jeanine, now live in Sawyer, Michigan. They are parents of two married daughters in the Chicago area, and three grandchildren. He is the author of three books and two commentaries, and is a graduate of both Grace and Trinity seminaries.

Dave and Sherilyn Rank, along with Christi Barlow, make up the trio from Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church. They have been singing together for 20 plus years. Dave and Sherilyn were part of another trio in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, for many years before to coming to Winona Lake. Dave is the director of music at the Winona Lake church and also is coordinator of Momentum Youth Conference for CE National. Sherilyn is the coordinator of Operation Barnabas at CE National. Christi is the wife of Bruce Barlow, lead pastor at the Winona Lake church. She directs the Kids Choral program at the church, sings in the choir and leads ladies’ Bible studies. Growing up her family encouraged her musical talents and she is involved in music whenever she can.

Ed Lewis, executive director of CE National and Urban Hope Training Center, will be the emcee for the day.

Das Dutchman Essenhaus is known for their Amish style cooking and their comfortable atmosphere. The menu will include two meats, four sides, beverage, and pie.

The cost for the Heritage Day on April 6 is $25 per person. You can register by going to the Das Dutchman Essenhaus Heritage page here. Or you can call Lois at CE National at 574.267.6622. The deadline is March 29.

At the end of the Heritage event there will be an opportunity to assemble homeless packets for the ministries at the Urban Hope Training Center, a ministry of CE National in Philadelphia. We would ask for a suggested donation of $5 payable that day, to cover the costs of the items in the packet. There are some personal items and a New Testament in which verses can be highlighted along with the opportunity to write a general note to the one who will receive the packet. These packets have been such an encouragement. Those who receive them cannot believe that there are people who would take time to write a note to them and give them a Bible.

2017 Grace College GO Philadelphia Trip—an Incredible Week!

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The Grace College Go Philadelphia group in front of Urban Hope

Want a run-down of what 25 participants did and what they learned during their week at Urban Hope in Philly?  Here is a report from Tristan Spuller, one of the student leaders for this spring break trip:

Go Encounter Philadelphia was an exciting time of getting to do ministry in America’s fifth biggest city! Showing up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed for the 6:45 A.M. bus ride, our team of 24 students made the lively trip on Friday, March 3rd and arrived a short thirteen hours later at Urban Hope Training Center. After a night of rest, it was a full week of opportunities and interaction with the city of brotherly love.

During our trip we were given multiple opportunities to engage with the diverse culture of Philadelphia. Our experiences included interacting with members of a Cambodian neighborhood, participating in a worship service at a dominantly African-American Baptist church, serving at a homeless ministry and assisting in feeding the homeless, visiting and engaging with people at a large international market, helping with children’s ministry, and doing various types of ministry with people in the inner-city. All of these opportunities proved incredibly eye-opening for our students as many learned to care for people who are vastly different from themselves. Our students also learned the value of doing ministry as a team and the importance of learning in community.

On Sunday night, our team assisted with the children’s ministry at Urban Hope. While being apart of it, our students were able to build relationships with the children, participate in games, and lead small group discussions about the lesson. Students were able to see a unique children’s ministry geared towards inner-city kids and walked away encouraged and impressed with the program. Another valuable opportunity was getting to do homeless ministry under the elevated train in Philadelphia. While split into groups, one group of team members got into a spiritual conversation with a man who had been recently attending two churches and questioning what he believed about Christianity. One of our team members Jonathan Chappell found out his story and was then able to lead him to the Lord that night. One final story that illustrates the impact had on our students is about opportunities that are being sought out to minister to the community in Kosciusko County. This past week, team member Briel DeGraff sent an email to our Philly team presenting an opportunity for us to do a prayer walk through the community this coming Sunday, citing that what we learned in Philadelphia can be applied in the same way here. These stories display how God worked and provided cool opportunities that are leaving a lasting impact on hearts and attitudes.

In addition to opportunities provided, some cultural insights were gained as a result of the time spent on the trip. As mentioned, it was largely evidenced that there are many different ways of life than ours. Our students experienced significant culture shock seeing the culture of the inner-city. Another insight, however, was seeing the openness and friendliness of those in the inner city. Most of our students were intimidated and frightened heading into a part of town that was visibly different than what they would know as home. However, after getting to interact, our students saw the warmth and friendliness of these people and grew to love the community. Similarly, our team gained an understanding of likenesses shared with these people; in the same ways as we do, people in the inner city have deep love for family, enjoy strong community, and have a lot of the same desires for life.

In conclusion, we would appreciate prayer for the following things. Pray for the ministry of Urban Hope Training Center. We were blessed to work alongside them for the week and encouraged by the community they have built in the inner city. Pray that God would continue to bless them and use them to reach people. Second, pray for the people we met and engaged with during the week. Pray that God would be working in their hearts and that our interactions would be just a part of a greater plan that He has for their lives. Third, pray for the other ministries we worked with through the week, that God would use them collectively to reach the city of Philadelphia for His Kingdom. Fourth, pray for our students, that this experience would resonate in their hearts and would continue to grow in them a heart for ministering to people. And finally, pray that opportunities would be presented and taken advantage of by our team throughout the rest of our lives. Pray that our students would become people who live on-mission for Christ in every capacity of their lives. Thank you for your support, whether it was financial, prayerful, or simply taking the time to read this report. Your investment was worth it and has made a lasting difference! Continue to support us in prayer as we have opportunities to grow and reach others for Christ.

To find out more about Urban Hope, visit

Praise God for Urban Hope’s Kingdom Kids

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Praise God for the work He is already doing in our new semester of Kingdom Kids (Urban Hope’s outreach program for children).  We’ve started this semester with lots of truth, excitement and energy.  Praise God for new children who represent new FAMILIES.  Pray that God’s truth would be planted deep within the hearts of new and returning children. Pray that His life transforming truth would travel home to the children’s families.

Honor Someone in Your Church

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Each year, CE National provides an opportunity to encourage and honor faithful servants in ministry. The CE National Faithfulness Award is an opportunity to nominate those within your church family deserving of honor. Are there names that come immediately to mind? Maybe the faithful staff member, the long-serving Sunday School teacher, those who have undertaken an event that was helpful in reaching, teaching, and releasing people for God’s glory? The deadline for submitting a nomination for a CE National Faithfulness Award is Friday, March 17th. Go to to find the nomination form and more information.

Thank you for joining with us as we honor individuals who are faithfully serving the Lord.

Last Call for OB 2017!

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The Lasting Impact of the Operation Barnabas Ministry

Recently, someone on our OB staff was talking to a college student about life, etc. and she said, “I wish I would have done Operation Barnabas when I was in high school. My youth leaders encouraged me to go but I just wasn’t sure about what it would be like and I let my fears dictate my actions. It’s one of my regrets that I wish I could change.” Unfortunately, she is not alone in not taking advantage of this once in a life-time opportunity!

It is now “last call” for any 10th – 12th grade students who would like to apply for the remaining spots on our two, 2017 Operation Barnabas teams, June 18 – July 11. Applications and more information can be found at

Pictured above is the NorthEast Team from 2014. An OB alum from that team recently shared the following on her social media

“God showed me so much about his LOVE and GRACE through OB. My confidence in Him, and myself, grew so much by God working through Operation Barnabas. I learned how to share my faith with others and come alongside these people and love them. It was the HARDEST summer, but it was also the BEST.

“I want to thank everyone who prayed and donated for me to be a part of Operation Barnabas, summer of 2014. I am still reminded of this trip almost daily…the time spent traveling from church to church in an old, blue bus (without air conditioning) with 30 teens and 5 leaders were some of the BEST memories and I still treasure them.

“I learned so much through this trip, and I want to thank the leaders who made this trip incredible. These people aren’t just disciples, they are disciple-makers!”

Is God calling you to serve on Operation Barnabas or is there a student you know that should be doing Operation Barnabas in 2017? Now is the time for students to apply for what could be a life-changing ministry experience.

2017-18 CE National Wall of Honor Presented to Pastor Jeff Bogue

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Ed Lewis, executive director of CE National, presents the Wall of Honor award to Pastor Jeff Bogue

The highest individual award presented by CE National is the “Wall of Honor.” This past Wednesday, at a Grace Church of Greater Akron staff meeting, Ed Lewis presented this year’s award to Jeff Bogue. After many years in youth ministry, Jeff is now the lead pastor for the Grace Church movement in the Akron area of Ohio. While presenting a plaque, flowers to Heidi, and pictures of Jeff at various ministry events, Ed also shared the following eleven reasons why Jeff was selected by the CE National Board of Directors as this year’s inductee:

“Jeff, you have been selected for the Wall of Honor for these specific reasons:

  • For being a godly man who is making a huge difference in the lives of others.
  • For having a shepherd’s heart in growing and developing a church-wide strategy to Know it, Live it, Give it Away; to see people come to know Christ and to grow to full maturity in Him.
  • For vision to plant 30 churches in 30 years.
  • For being supportive of youth ministries through the years. This includes involvement with the YouthNet cabinet—helping provide leadership to churches in the area of youth ministries.
  • For being the “staff pastor” at Momentum Youth Conference, as well as the final speaker for the event each year.
  • For involvement as an integral part of the monthly Pastorpedia resource—videos and ideas to help equip pastors and leaders.
  • For having a passion to train young adults for ministry through 4:12 Commission, the Moody Extension, and now a partnership with Grace College.
  • For being a champion for children’s ministry and making sure it has the largest budget in the church.
  • For faithfully sharing the truth of God’s Word in a relevant fashion that encourages life application and life change.
  • For being a leader of leaders and impacting the lives of thousands for the cause of Jesus.
  • For having the wisdom to marry Heidi Johnson.

Worship with the Jordan Howerton Band at Momentum Youth Conference

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The Jordan Howerton Band will lead worship at Momentum Youth Conference 2017.

Hailing from the Midwest, the Jordan Howerton Band is committed to creating worship resources, leading with those resources, and equipping others to do the same. Leading at events and churches across the nation, JHB is committed to fostering a passion for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ both on and off the stage.

“We believe in getting out of the way when we lead worship. Less of us; more of Jesus.

“Worship is the unending act of us giving ourselves to the things that carry the most worth in our lives. It’s not about a moment, it’s about a consistent relationship. We worship what we’re most passionate about, so we want our worship to be all about Jesus. We want those we lead to be caught up in that same desire. For us, there are few more beautiful places than being with the Church singing as one in worship to God. The heart of our ministry is to serve the Church and lead Her to Christ in everything we do. We do that by creating worship resources, leading with those resources, and equipping others to use those resources.” –

Register for Momentum Youth Conference by March 31 to get the best rate.